Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Back Up Plan

A text conversation from last night. 

Erin: How are you? 
Me: Afraid, excited, hustlin' hard. 
Erin: Turn that fear into motivation. Think Batman. 
Me: Fuuuck, I think about the pit scene from the Dark Knight Rises EVERY DAY. 
Erin: Why do we fall Master Bruce? 
Me: Remind me. 
Erin: So we can learn to pick ourselves up. 

I have spent the past three days applying for jobs, doing job interviews, and so far I have heard nothing. I get about two hours of public library use a day, and then I scavenge around, meeting people and eating until I find a place to stay at night. My money is dwindling. 

I did some math. I can survive unassisted for about two more days, more if I find a place to crash. Unless I hear back from jobs, I'm going to have to take the fall and come back home. 

The problem is, in order to to get home, I am going to need at least $300 for Greyhound and food. 

So here is the plan. 

Quite literally, THE BACK UP PLAN. 

On Etsy I have a link for a book that is being written. It will be finished, scouts honor, by March 31st if not sooner. It's $10 for purchase, shipping FREE. 

If I sell 30 of these future-books, I will have enough money to pay for a Greyhound Bus and a couple lunches. If I sell 50, I can buy reams of paper and postage as well. 

HERE'S THE DEAL: If a) you want to help me get home if things turn sour and b) you want a copy of a book with the entire, unabridged story of the Austin Mayhem Adventure, you can do BOTH by buying the book for $10 on Etsy. 

A couple points: 
  • If you don't believe that I'm going to write the book
  • If you think it's a shitty investment 
  • If you think I am going to misuse the money
  • If you think this whole idea is DUMB 
THEN DON'T BUY THE BOOK. I don't want to hear your sass. Just don't buy the book. 

BUT, if you like my blog, if you want to help me get home, and you like art and people who make original content, and you want to know what HAPPENED, then by all means, please buy the book. 

SITUATION A: If I get a job and successfully support myself, you STILL GET A BOOK BY MARCH 31st.

SITUATION B: I don't make enough money and have to make awkward phone calls to get home. I am ashamed and broken. YOU STILL GET A BOOK BY MARCH 31st. 

SITUATION C: I die. You might get a book. This situation is really the wildcard of the bunch. 

Please share this link and let's see if we can make this happen. No matter what, you are paying $10 and YOU ARE GETTING A BOOK. 

[Also, if you are a super-fan by all means buy two or three. I will send you as many copies as you buy, and the more you buy the quicker I raise my "Get Home" funds]. 

The link for the book is HERE: 

Also here is a photo of the cover I just designed on Pixlr in this urine-soaked public library:

Spread the word. Let's make art and shit. 

Here's to making the jump without a rope, and to picking ourselves up again, and ALSO to my sister Erin Miller who drops more wisdom than Alfred Pennyworth EVERY DAY. 

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