Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why I Haven't Blogged

Hello friends. It's been a while.

As you may have noticed, I haven't blogged in half a year. Here's the scoop: I haven't been feeling so hot. I have been working on my classwork, reading, writing, and honestly what is there to blog about? Very very little. Most of my blog posts would look something like this:
Today I worked. I ate. I slept. I made a friend. I lost a friend. I am tired. 
A lot of my journal entries look like this. It is disheartening, and I wouldn't wish upon the world to read such things.

More such things I wouldn't wish upon the world to read.

I want to have adventures every day, but now I have so much on my plate that it is simply not possible to have such adventures. All of the things that seemed novel and fun are no longer novel or fun. I am in a routine of hard ass work, that has recently come to bite me in the ass.

I am burnt out. A little bit. I am not ashamed of it, but it really sucks.

Thus, I decided to make a list of things that have made me feel alive this semester. It will be short list.

1) Vegan Cooking 
I am not a vegan, and I have no plans on becoming a vegan. But under my college meal plan I only get lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, which means on weekends I am either making my own food or going to Chipotle (sometimes if I am really lazy and low I will try to recede into hibernation and not wake until Monday. This never works).

I cooked a couple times on my own, and though it was delicious, it was lonely. Then, I met KaleBoy. KaleBoy is from LA and is an adamant vegan who cooks prolifically. He also has a heart the size of LA itself (an odd metaphor, but I'm gonna roll with it) which means he constantly invites me over for dinner. We drink tea, eat vegan cuisine, and do homework, and it has been one of the highlights of my semester.

The food is often scrumptious, and I am very grateful for it. I help buy groceries now and from time to time I will wash dishes. It's a symbiotic relationship. However, there are some things that will never stop to bug me, like the phrase "vegan cheese". Whenever KaleBoy uses vegan cheese, I have a mild aneurysm because I find it to be one of the stupidest phrases in the English language. I do not object to the taste or the product itself. I just object that it is called "vegan cheese" and that someone had the gall to invent such a thing.

Call me traditional, but cheese is f**king cheese, and you should call everything else "soy shreds" or something stupid, because that would be more fitting and I'd be more likely to eat it.

NOTE: Veganism is kind of cool. I am not aware of the ethics or the science behind it, but it seems to work just fine for the KaleBoy and his friends. We have huge feasts, filling meals, and it's great. I mention this only because I told my dad that I eat vegan sometimes on the weekends and he freaks out. "WHY?!" he asked. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" as if I had told him that I simply reabsorb my feces into my body [some people do that, and power to them, but it's not for me. I am pretty sure my dad told me about this, if that matters]. Veganism is fine, dad. It's not for me, but it's totally fine.

2) "All-Star" by Smash Mouth  
I would say about 5 days a week I listen to "All Star" by Smash Mouth on my way to school. It never gets old, and it makes getting up in the morning way more pleasant than it actually is. If you see me in the morning and I acknowledge that you exist, it is because somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me.

3) Swing Dance Club 
For the first half of the semester, I was part of Swing Dance Club. Every Saturday at 6:00pm about a dozen students got together and practiced swing dance moves, and no matter how shitty I felt that day, swing dance managed to turn my mood around 180 degrees, without fail. Unfortunately, when the semester started turning sour for me, I stopped going and the club kind of died. BUT this Friday I managed to put together a Holiday Swing Event on campus, and I am very excited for it. 

Granted, there are a lot more highlights of my semester, but these have been the most consistent, and the ones that brightened my day the most.

I will try to blog more. You will probably hear more from me over Christmas Break when I am getting into shenanigans with my P-Town homies. But for now, I'm going to put in my headphones, and hunker down for the next two weeks of homework.

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