Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dating Bob Dylan

You all might've heard that I've been doing volunteer work for Sarah Lawrence Archives. Though most of the time I'm doing data entry, from time to time they let me go through the school's public files just for funsies. And the last time I did this, I found this little gem.

Jane Freeman ( went to Sarah Lawrence from 1967-1971 and in this time she wrote a bunch of letters to her mom, who kept every single one and then later donated them to the college. Jane now lives in New York and makes art and miniatures. 

In this letter from December 10th, 1967, Jane discusses how her roommate apparently dated Bob Dylan. 

Here Comes Everybody: 
I have just got back from an evening with the ___s which I will tell you about but first I want to tell you that ___ used to date Bob Dylan but broke up with him three years ago when he began with dope. That was the time he made his transition into folk rock from regular folk and they had constant quarrels about the music as well -- she couldn’t stand it and told him it would never sell. Boy, was she wrong: I walk down the halls from dinner and hear ten different Dylan songs spinning simultaneously from ten different rooms. ___ likes classical music mainly, which is ironic, since she hung around with Dylan’s hippie crowd before they became known as hippies. Also, she met Joan Baez although she never got to know her. ____ has a reputation for being one of Dylan’s “chicks”. The people I live with! ___ said she doesn’t remember so much of his music but the way he drives.What else can I tell you. Nothing much except that ___ just told me she used to sneak out of the house to go out with Dylan whom she loathed but went out with him simply because he asked her, whenever he happened to be in Philadelphia. She could just see him in spurts because he was always traveling. I asked her if he was brilliant -- she said No, just spontaneous. And he talked with his hands and never held on to the steering wheel, and was terribly unhappy because he hadn’t at the time gotten what he wanted -- the only thing he wanted --- wealth, which makes him a bloody hypocrite. Will write again at ___’s next Revelation.  Jane. 
You can check out the original document here! BELOW!

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