Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Late Night Intruder

I found this poster in the Savage Drive.  Increíble.
So I've been going through piles of trash on campus to furnish my apartment, and I have to say it's been pretty successful. I got a bunch of pasta that will feed me until my next paycheck, I got a bookshelf, a comfy zebra chair, and many other things. My friend Hawaii lent me a Tempurpedic mattress cover, which has made it extremely difficult to get up to write this post. My house is pretty fly. And I'm working on getting it to look even fly-er.

Mi cuarto.

Mi cartel. 
 SO. Fun story.

It's 9:00pm. I'm in my room putting on pants because I'm about to go upstairs and make smoothies with my friends, when I hear rustling in my common room (pictured above, the photo with the red exit sign). I walk into the room and there is a small, old woman rummaging in my closet.

Me: "Um... hello?"

[The woman looks up.]

Woman: "Do you live here?"

Me: "Um... yes."

Woman: "Are you supposed to be living here?"

Me: "Um... yes."

Woman: "Oh... well, I'm your neighbor."

And then she leaves.

Lesson learned: Lock your door! I had been leaving it ajar just in case my friends want to drop in, but it seems that the other tenants in this building beat them to it.

Four more days until I get my paycheck, which will be a Godsend. I have a grand total of $1.46 right now, and I'll have to make it last until Friday. I made $44 on Amazon last week though (that won't be transferred to my bank account until Friday), by selling my old textbooks. One of my friends was flabbergasted at how easy it was to sell stuff online, so he sold all the clothing he didn't want on eBay these past couple days. Still not satisfied, he then rummaged through the piles of trash outside the dorms and found textbooks and sold them as well. He has made $70 the last time I check on him. That's enough to buy two of these:

I have never publicly worn a tank top, but I am told it's going to be raging hot this summer so I might as well start. And if I'm going to start, I might as well go all the way and get this one.

That's about it. Until we met again, I'll be trying to make pasta correctly. The past two times I have spilled the pasta all over the floor. Thankfully, it was free Salvage Drive pasta, but in my present situation, I can't afford to spill any more.

Peace and love.

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  1. 1) There are typos! This is not the end of the world, but it is mildly upsetting.

    2) That tank top is amazing you must have it, I must have it, EVERYONE GETS A PRETTY MOFO SHIRT. yes.

    3) Now I want to sell things on Amazon...

    4) I'm also going to send you links to similarly awesome tank tops

    5) The end.