Friday, April 19, 2013

Two Lists

Currently chillin' in a friend's room, recalling all of this from memory. The following is a list of some of the major items one could find inside of my dorm room.
  • Two large, circular signs from the Pub that smell like poisonous plastic. 
  • A small plastic box of Q-tips
  • Six juggling clubs, five leather juggling balls, two contact juggling balls. 
  • Stacks of books including (but not limited to): 
    • Brief Interviews With Hideous Men - David Foster Wallace
    • The Naked Brain - Richard Restak
    • The Actor, Image, and Action: Acting and Cognitive Neuroscience - Rhonda Blair
    • An Abundance of Katherines - John Green
  • Garbage can (contents below): 
    • Empty Cheerio box. 
    • Empty Red Bull cans. 
    • Lots of tissues. 
  • 2013 Calendar of Runners, running in particularly picturesque places in the world. 
  • Kid Cudi poster 
  • Printed color 8.5x11 photo of Rick Ross. 
  • One fridge (currently empty) 
  • One cardboard box filled with bags of Cheerios, bananas, and apples. 
  • Boxes full of completed class readings. 
  • One nostalgia box (contents includes, but is not limited to:) 
    • Program for "The Testament of Mary" 
    • Big Sean ticket stub 
    • Programs for SLC plays. 
    • Program for "Seminar" 
    • Valentines
    • Letters from my family. 
    • Greeting card from my grandmother.
  • Toe nail clippers. 
  • Boyfriend pillow (I hate the name of this, it's actually just a pillow shaped like a chair so you can sit up in your bed. Everyone says it's called a boyfriend pillow but I disagree. It's a chair-pillow). 
  • Two removable wall-hooks. 
  • Fitness stick (inherited) 
  • Broom (but funnily enough, no dustpan) 
  • Colored pencils. 
  • Colored markers.
And now, a brief description of my friend's room: 

  • One Scott Pilgrim poster. 
  • One music festival poster
  • Three Scott Pilgrim books. 
  • One pack of Marlboro cigarettes. 
  • iMac computer. 
  • Half-consumed bottle of Welch's grape soda. 
  • One fridge: Full of stuff. 
  • An electric pencil sharpener (what? Who uses these anymore?)
  • Coffee mug full of pens and pencils. 
  • Audio recording device. 
  • Bilbo Baggins poster (not on the wall, but on his bed).
  • Highlighted, photocopied pages of a script.
  • Guitar clamp. 
  • Maple syrup. 
  • One microwave. 
  • One map of Sarah Lawrence College taped to the wall. 
  • Bottle of Advil. 
  • Miscellaneous pieces of change. 
  • Tackle box (contents unknown)


Biology is 
a mysterious magic 
found in thick textbooks

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