Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Things That Kinda Bug Me

  • Not having a kitchen.
  • Not having a kitchen. 
  • Not having a kitchen. 
  • ... not having a kitchen. 
#1 On The List of Things That Bug Me: Not Having a Kitchen
If I had a kitchen... I would
  1. Save money. I currently spend an average of $3.50 a day at the Pub on breakfast alone. Granted, I've been doing a little bit better by buying my own milk and cereal on the weekends, but in order to eat breakfast with my friends, I have to bring little baggies of cereal and milk to the Pub and bring my own bowls. 
  2. Save the Earth. Because I have no means to wash dishes, I typically use disposable bowls, plates, and cutlery. Mother Nature is crying. 
  3. Eat better. I am not sure exactly which nutrients I am missing out on, but I am sure they are vital. I get this weird empty feeling after eating for two hours in Bates, like I have put an enormous amount of food in my system, but it is doing nothing for my general health. 
  4. Become an excellent cook. Which is definitely something I want to add to my spousal resume. 
#2 On The List of Things That Bug Me: Homework During Beautiful Weather
The weather at Sarah Lawrence currently is beautiful. Which is great. But it makes it really difficult to do homework. Right now it's nighttime but I could walk around in my t-shirt and feel comfortable. WHO IS GOING TO SIT INSIDE AND READ ABOUT THE EXCRETORY SYSTEM (this is literally what my homework is). There really is no contest at all. I am currently sitting in my room, in my underwear, listening to Trinidad James and feeling a little bit guilty. 

Let's explore the mammalian excretory system. 
#3 On The List of Things That Bug Me: Lists That Are Less Than Three Things
I really have nothing else to complain about. My life isn't too bad, but it'd sort of be a pathetic blog post if I just had two things. So, in general: 
  • The way my hands smell after handling coins. 
  • Socks that don't dry all the way in the laundry. 
  • Adjusting your posture and then suddenly needing to poop. 
  • People mentioning how they never use their kitchens. 
  • The little bacteria-pool that we keep the Bates ice-cream scoopers in.
That is all. Homework tonight really seems impossible. I'll do some mindless data-entry work and then chill out and read books that I found in the library, none of which apply to my conference work. 
  • Going to the library to get a book for your conference work, and coming out with something else that you'd much rather read. 

Unrelated Sidenote: I'm trying to figure out a clever way to put a little widget on my blog that shows the Song of The Day. This is a real thing that happens every morning when I wake up. My alarm goes off at 7:50am, I stare at the ceiling until 8:00am, and then I turn on my computer and play the song of the day while I get dressed. It really sets the mood for my day, and strangely enough I am able to hear it at full volume in my mind whenever I am having a dull moment. This is probably because my iPod broke. 

But, until I figure out how to do this creatively, the song of the day TODAY (4/9/13) is "Female$ Welcomed" by Trinidad James.

This video is all about summer weather. There are some songs that you just need to listen to when it is hot outside, and this is definitely the best song for that. Also, when the beat drops near the end of the song (in the music video it's when nighttime comes) my life changes a little bit.

Fun fact about Trinidad James, he started rapping one year ago. ONE YEAR. He is a legend.


  1. the term "spousal resume" is my favorite thing in the world.

  2. I feel you on those bates ice cream scoop cesspools. I'm always turning the water back on so that it'll overflow and change the water, but sometimes I just want to dump bleach in it or something. That would also probably be bad... also wet socks and money fingers... I feel you bro.