Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The "Side Hustle"

Self-made breakfast packs. 
Today I learned the importance of having a "side hustle". A side hustle is a business or project that you have on the side of your job or your schooling, just to make sure that you are doing things that you care about. I have several side-hustles going on. They include:
  • Swing dancing lessons on weekends! 
  • Juggling before dinner almost every day! 
  • Filing and doing taxes for people in Yonkers! 
Marcus Mayo from IncubateNYC came to Sarah Lawrence today to talk about entrepreneurship, and along with telling us to side-hustle, he told us the most important thing is to just keep on doing things you are passionate about, because in the end that's all that matters, and that's what's ultimately going to be a marketable skill. 

This got me really excited. He inspired me so much I ran back to my room and put up a Facebook status saying "HEY IF YOU WANT ME TO CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM OR MAKE A CALENDAR FOR YOU I WILL DO IT FOR MONEY." 

And boom, I already have a customer. Side-hustlin', All day. 


Juggling lessons! I've been juggling pretty regularly out on the North Lawn this past week, and like ten people expressed interest in learning how to juggle. So naturally, I spent a good portion of my paycheck on buying juggling clubs to teach people, because a) I like teaching people how to juggle and b) I want to have friends I can pass clubs with. I'm going to be doing this for free, but if any of my students want to donate to my cause, I am not going to refuse. Because I really want to buy a duffel bag and more equipment so I can


I'm going to be staying in the city over the summer working office jobs, and there are a BUNCH of juggling groups that meet every week, and I am 100% going to join. It will be great. I am pumped.

And to conclude, three haikus about love:

My first-year roommates
Are really incredible
sophomore year, still friends.

Rhonda Blair writes books
on acting and neuro-psych
that speak to my soul.

I am happy/sad
When women I admire
have the best husbands.


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