Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fame, Sort of Fame, and Infame

SLC Speaks, Sarah Lawrence's independent online news website did an interview with me about the Pub Secret Menu! Check it out here:

The old Pub signs! 
Got my new juggling clubs in the mail today! I now have SIX juggling clubs, which means I can teach people how to juggle clubs and eventually pass clubs with them. I spent about an hour juggling today (5pm-6pm) working on tricks that I am currently not very good at, but eventually I will be.

The most common question people ask me is "How did you start juggling?"

Basically, throughout high school I had a 5pm curfew and a 30 minute allowance of internet per day. So I had to find other ways to occupy myself. I kept a journal, started writing rap, and somewhere along the line picked up juggling. This involved a lot of YouTube tutorials and a lot of messing up in my backyard.

In essence, this is what juggling is: Looking really dumb for about a couple months. So I did this in my backyard (often wearing nothing but boxers) and now I have an expensive hobby*.

*However, I am told that juggling is the most economical of hobbies, because although the equipment is pricey at first, you get an incredible amount of use out of what you buy, so you might as well buy quality.

Some other juggling advice I got today: "You're doing your crotch throws like chops. Do them slower, like back throws. Or go on YouTube and look for crotch throw tutorials."

Top result for crotch throw:

ALSO, I put a Google Form in an earlier post where people could ask questions. "Assimilator" asked:
"Do you have a birthmark?" 
I do! I am told that birthmarks are indicators of how you died in a previous life, and I am pretty sure some Boromir shit went down.

However, notice how if I was truly Boromir in a past life, my birth mark would probably be on my chest because I kept fighting and used myself essentially as a human shield. But, since my birthmark was on my shoulder, I probably was running away in fear. 

Oh well. 


Two truths and a lie: 
- I am out of allergy medicine! 
- My bio teacher complimented me on my critical thinking today and it put a spring in my step! 
- Wiz Khalifa rolled onto into the Pub and ordered a "Voldemort!" 

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