Monday, April 15, 2013


There are signs all around the computer lab that say "No Food or Drink Is Permitted in the Computer Lab" and all I see are people who sincerely do not care.

1) I look insane 2) The person next to me is not amused.
Happy Monday everyone!

I bought the New York Times yesterday because I realized "I should really be reading the news if I ever a) want to have a conversation with someone b) start a profitable business and c) look classy as I eat Cheerios from a bag every morning.

Today I read this article about Jenna Marbles, internet sensation, who uploaded a video three years ago titled "How To Trick People Into Thinking You Are Attractive" and now she is making six figures for continuing to make videos like this.

I am not jealous, but it did inspire me to blog tonight.

SO, it's time to get serious about blogging.

How does one do this?

I am not sure. But it will come to me.

I am going to be sitting in my biology class tomorrow, taking our exam, and I am suddenly going to start vomiting with excitement.
I'm an artist
So sit tight. In the mean time, I am getting ready for my fiction class tomorrow, in which I am going to read some angsty young-adult novel I am working on. The premise: A girl named Zoe discovers that she is AN ALIEN! Spoiler alert: It has no effect on her life whatsoever, it just makes her incredibly depressed as she waits to get abducted to go back home, but it never happens.


That's it.

Also, this is new. Submit a question!

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