Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Postest with the Mostest

Yo children.

I am not at liberty to discuss the cause of my boredom right now, but it is mind-numbing. My brain feels nothing. I am a zombie. This is horrible.


Life updates:
  • I have a Twitter account:  http://twitter.com/connorthemiller. This was born today. I've been keeping a journal but my journals consist of one-word sentences and the number of push ups I did that day. So I figured I might as well get a Twitter to share this information. 
  • I juggle every Wednesday on the North Lawn at 5 o'clock. Be there. 
  • I am compiling a Pub Secret Menu. Here are some highlights: 
    • The Sherman Flats: Turkey sandwich on sourdough  with cheddar cheese and bacon, pannini'd. Named "The Sherman Flats" because it was invented by Adam Sherman and it is flat. 
    • The Standard: I admit this isn't a great sandwich but I get it almost every time I go to the Pub. Thus, it is my "Standard" order. It's a crispy chicken sandwich in a spinach wrap with lettuce and tomato and cheddar cheese. 
    • Name-You-Own: This is a work in progress. If you want to add your favorite sandwich to the Pub Secret Menu, give me a receipt with what you ordered on it, plus the creative name of the sandwich. It should be within meal-swipe limitations. I will try and compile a list.
  • I have been eating a lot of protein and doing push ups every morning, except on Sundays, because Sunday is a day or rest and spiritual observance. 
  • I am planning to be Bane for Halloween. Currently working on acquiring the mask and the body (hence the push ups). 
  • Also compiling a College Playlist 2012-2013 on Spotify. However, it makes me sad that I cannot find this song outside of SoundCloud: 

  • This has been my jam for a while now, and if someone could get me the actual song, I would wash their feet (biblical reference? YES. Fight me.)
  • I have successfully stained my two favorite t-shirts. Once I get paid, I plan to buy 5 pastel-colored V-necks from Target. They are a staple.
  • Salmon Skin rolls from the Wild Ginger in Bronxville are something to be desired.  
Cool beans. Life your life. Ayaay Ayaay ayaay. 

Zombie-Connor peaces OUT.