Sunday, July 1, 2012

UPDATE: Summer 2012

So, I am sorry I haven't been blogging. I got a letter from PK and on the envelope it said "Keep blogging, wordsmith."

What can I say. Flattery works.


  • I am incredibly talented at writing lists now. I write them a lot. Even in conversation. My friend Lucas noticed that I preface statements with titles like: "Things I was Thinking On The Bus" and "Things I Am A Fan Of". This is probably because all of my notebook and journal pages look like this. 
  • I put on a comedy show in my garage with Lucas and Diego! It was an hour-long show called "Interactions With Girls", which featured original sketches, poems, and stories written and performed by the three of us. Here's a photo: 

You are attracted to us.
  • I wrote two novellas. One is a riveting story about my friends and I fighting zombies. Another one is a meandering love story about kids with superpowers. It's not that great. I am not going to burn it, but I am not going to be sharing it with the world anytime soon. 
  • I won a rap battle in Oakland! I won $100 and a trophy with a gold muffin on it. I had to throw away the trophy because it started to smell after a couple of days, and I used the $100 to buy juggling clubs. 
  • I am juggling a lot! There is a trampled patch of grass on my backyard lawn where I juggle almost every day. I am working on juggling five balls, and I should be able to accomplish this by the end of the summer. 
  • I am afraid to drink apple juice! I drank it two weeks ago and threw up all day! And then I tried drinking it again a week later and became nauseous. NEVER AGAIN JUGO DE MANZANA.
That's about it. I've also been playing Halo in the late hours of the night, which is fun and frustrating. For those of you who don't play Halo, imagine these things trying to kill you. 

There are supposedly eight-foot tall aliens that like to kill human beings by beating them with that fancy shield thing. 
I now have nightmares about these guys, and whenever I see them in the game, I scream and sweat profusely. 


For those of you who have Spotify (I am really reaching on this one, because from what I've gathered only my relatives read my blog and I seriously doubt any of them know what a Spotify is [no offense]), here's my "Summer Playlist" of 2012. It's a collection of songs that I've been listening to and sort of characterize my summer. Its fun. Give it a whirl. (Summer Playlist 2012)

I'll be doing more creative things soon. For now, enjoy this blog post and I'll try my best to bring you more.


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  1. CONNOR I READ YOUR BLOG. and i am so not a relative. also i <3 your summer playlist.