Sunday, June 3, 2012


I got a job waiting tables at a sushi restaurant. Today a family of five came in.

"It's her birthday today!" the mom tells me, pointing at the middle daughter. I make a mental note: ice cream. Our restaurant gives out green tea ice cream on three occasions: 1) If a customer orders it. 2) If the waiter makes a mistake. 3) It is someone's birthday. Considering I had already given out ice cream on the first two accounts, I was pretty juiced to surprise this little girl with a small bowl of probably the most elitist ice cream ever.

Unfortunately, I spilled a glass of water on the woman's youngest child, and then four more groups came into the restaurant and I simply didn't have time to scoop ice cream for this girl. The family left a modest tip, but I could tell I really struck out with them. Birthdays are not something you want to mess up. Ever.

Exciting life events:

  • BUSS PASS - I have a monthly bus pass, which is kind of like having a car. I tried getting car insurance but 1) it is expensive and 2) our car insurance company tricked us into paying extra without our consent, so I don't really feel like giving them more money. 
  • JUGGLING CLUB - I joined a juggling group in Berkeley. I learned how to pass clubs between two people, which is pretty exciting except my thumbs are sore the day after. 
  • WORKING OUT - I printed out a pamphlet titled the "Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Guide", and I am doing a workout that is loosely based on their advice. It seems to be working, because I now have pectorals, which has been on my wishlist for a while but Santa has NOT been delivering. Thank you United States Government!
That's about it for now. I am trying to blog more. Life is about get interesting this coming week. You will definitely hear about it. 


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