Sunday, March 18, 2012

Road Trip Day 2

Last night went to a party in New Paltz where I was accused of being Japanese. I was telling a story to some friends and to illustrate a point I knelt down on my knees and put my hands behind my head. A blonde girl walks by and looks confused.

"Are you doing kung-fu?"

Seattle, PK, and Colgate found this pretty funny. I pretended to be offended and the girl left, embarrassed.  Who is smooth? THIS GUY.

Getting dressed for the party.
I spent most of the party walking around trolling (definition) people. One guy was playing beer pong and yelled for everyone to be quiet.

"GUYS! GUYS! I need silence. This is the shot. I need to concentrate."

Everyone went quiet and I muttered, "Oh man, I just farted."

Everyone laughed and he got mad and yelled at the wrong people. He still won the game, though, so I don't see why he was tripping so much.

I also tried convincing people that World War Three had started. I looked at my phone and said loudly "OH MAN. We just bombed China. It's the world versus us." The crowd went silent.
"How do you know?" someone asked.
"Obama texted me earlier. And he asked me 'Should I do it?' I didn't know what he was talking about, but I texted him back anyway. Just one word. 'YOLO'."

Later on some creepy old guys tried coming to the party and everyone surrounded them and bullied them out. Later on when we were eating in Pleasantville's* car and we saw one of the guys walking around and bumping into trees. He eventually knocked on our car window and said something incoherent, but we are pretty sure at one point he used the word "behoove" in a sentence, which was impressive.

[*Pleasantville is a good friend of ours who we will reunite with once we return to Poughkeepsie].

The next day I woke up in a small pile of cookie dough. I was not drunk when I fell asleep, it was simply dark and I did not look where I was resting my head. After washing my sweater in the sink, we wished everyone well and hit the road. We used PK's iPod for road jams. Highlights included singing "Spring Awakening" songs at full volume and Ingrid Michaelson's "Be Ok". Tomorrow is my day for music, which I am pretty nervous about. My playlist can make or break this friendship.

Waking up.

Packing up.

Poor man's AC. 

Most of today was driving. We stopped to eat at a Panera (sandwiches and smoothies) and we screamed when we crossed the state line into Massachusetts. At one point we thought we were lost so we pulled over and played catch with a tennis ball until we realized that we weren't lost, the exit we were looking for was the next stop.

Trying to figure out where we were. 
Playing catch.
We took a ferry to Martha's Vineyard and discussed Daniel Radcliffe's claim that children are "drunk little people that follow you around." A couple kids walked by and whined about wanting candy and we all laughed. PK proposed a theory.

"Maybe the younger you are the more drunk you are. That's why we can't walk or talk when we're young. And that's why we don't remember any of it."

We met up with "Warrior Princess" (a self-chosen nickname) at Martha's Vineyard. We stopped at her house, ate at a restaurant, and then walked along the beach until it got cold.

Now we are chilling at her house again watching TV. I am still reading the Hunger Games, and at one point the commercial came on for the movie and PK put his fingers inside of my ears. We have been bragging to anyone who will listen that we have midnight premiere tickets, and most people have been jealous.

Now I need to sleep because for some reason I am waking up at 7:00am to help drop of Warrior Princess's sister at school. I am still confused as to how this happened, but I am just going to roll with it and not ask questions sine they have kindly let me sleep in their home.

BEACH TOMORROW! And hopefully it will be warmer.

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