Saturday, March 17, 2012

Road Trip Day 1

The "before" photo. Left to right, me, Seattle, Colgate, and PK.

So for my first college spring break experience, I am going on a road trip with three fellow Sarah Lawrencian men.

  • Seattle - Red-haired and recently starring in Sarah Lawrence's production of Spring Awakening, if our road trip were to be a horror movie Seattle would be the one who survives. 
  • Poughkeepsie (PK) - The tallest member of our foursome, PK has great hair and even better impromptu monologues. We will be traveling in his car for the duration of the journey, and beginning and ending at his house. In our horror movie, he is the second-to-last person to die, and the audience is really sad about it because he was such a cool guy. 
  • Colgate - Reportedly looks like a "hot, lesbian mom" from certain angles, Colgate is originally from Los Angeles. He is currently starring in SLC's production of "Pippin", and even more currently playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance on PK's Wii. In our horror movie, he is the one who figures out the mystery, but is killed while having sexual intercourse (side-note: these are all based on actual horror-movie archetypes and do not reflect any real experiences). 
  • Me - Originally from Pinole California, I am currently memorizing a monologue for "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men" (I didn't even have to audition!). I am really excited about the road trip, and if it were a horror movie I would be the one who sacrifices his life to save the group. 
Hopefully, our road trip will NOT be a horror movie. So far, PK's mom gave us road trip goodie bags (filled with gummy penguins and water bottles with filter caps!) and we are hanging out in his house and having dinner with his family. His little brother, who I will give the pseudonym "Spock", is in the fifth grade yet possibly has more charm than the entirety of the Sarah Lawrence student body. He gave us copies of a play he wrote and we had a dramatic read-through in the living room. It was remarkable. Then he proceeded to fly a toy Starship Enterprise around the house and blew up my face multiple times.

Reading Spock's play. 

Getting into character. 
We officially depart for New Paltz in a couple of hours, but for now we are lounging around drinking Limonata in PK's beautiful, semi-rural home. I am currently reading "The Hunger Games" which I need to finish by next Thursday for the midnight premiere of the movie. Everyone else is playing video games, except for Seattle. 
Preparing for the long road ahead. 

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