Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 3 of the Road Trip

Day three of the road trip I woke up at 7:00am to drop Warrior Princess's mom and sister off at school. Colgate went with me to make sure I did not get lost driving the car home, but it did not help. We missed our stop and ended up turning around to try and find it. If Colgate wasn't with me, I would have knelt on the corner of the road and cried.

Once we got back, we went to pick up Quincy at the ferry and then we went to the beach. We frolicked for a couple hours, playing guitars and taking photos and relaxing. We each had a cathartic moment at the beach, and we left at 1:00pm to drop off Warrior Princess at the dentist.

Massage line. 
While she was getting her teeth worked on, we went to Diary Queen. The friends got ice cream and I ordered "A pair of classic dogs."

"A terrier and a greyhound." said PK.

When Warrior Princess got out of the dentist we got her ice cream as well and then began to pack to take the ferry back to the mainland. It was my day for music, and my friends were impressed with my music choices. However, Colgate was slightly upset when songs from Rent came up ("I hate that musical") but I  gather that we are still more or less friends.

The ride to Boston was about two hours. We moved into Quincy's house and her mom made us a DELICIOUS DINNER OF CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE. AND THEN SHE MADE US COFFEE CAKE. AND THEN SHE MADE US BROWNIES. After dinner we broadcasted "The Best Day Ever", my radio show, via webcam from Quincy's couch. We had an average of ten viewers for an hour. We will do this again next week. Afterwards we sat outside around a fire pit and talked about how much we liked or hated camping.

Seattle hates camping. So does Colgate.
We ended the night with going to the beach and looking at the Boston skyline and then watching Monster's Inc. I  am pretty sure I fell asleep before the opening credits had ended.

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