Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Work Work Work

This is the current background of my computer:

Love it
Notice the resemblance:
The reasoning behind my background choice is that my life is getting pretty busy and complicated. I am working two jobs, I am in a play, and I have three academic classes that require a lot of reading and studying. I am scheduling myself the best that I can  so that I have fun for fun stuff like playing pool and writing and drawing.

But why Ira? Well, this was my old desktop background:

An aesthetically pleasing background, yes. However, whenever I opened my laptop to do work, I would see Scott Mescudi, who is into drugs and music and Converse shoes. This is no way to get inspired to do work. So I changed the photo to someone I should aspire to be. And in this case, it is Ira Glass. He is a hardworking, friendly guy, and I was able to find a nice, big picture of him to fill up my background.

So that's that. Work is getting done, and I am finally finding time to write again.

However, my job with the woman in Yonkers (henceforth referred to as Ms. Yonkers) is one of the most interesting things I have experienced. She is 70 years old and trying to get her Master's degree, but she can't use a computer. So she pays me $10 an hour to make PowerPoint presentations for her. Which I do not object to in the slightest.

She was driving me home today and I saw her look into the rear-view mirror.
"Oh no. Is that a cop?" We were on the freeway. I looked over my shoulder and saw a small bus, but no cop car. This did not bother me as much as what happened next.
"I think it's a cop car." she said, and she reached over to put on her seatbelt. However, she couldn't buckle it while driving, so she opted just to put her left arm though it without clicking it into the receptor on the other side.She drove the rest of the way to SLC wearing her seat belt like a handbag.

"What are you doing in school, Carter?" she asked.
"I am doing a project on humor in children. I am supposed to figure out what makes children laugh."
"Well that's a stupid topic." she snorted. We both laughed. I don't think she realized that my don and I collaborated on choosing this topic.

Oh well. Ten dollars an hour. 

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