Saturday, February 4, 2012


I am in an improv show. Well, it's sort of an improv show. It's a theatrical performance based on commedia del arte style of theater, which, from my understanding, is an improvised play where the actors wear masks. However, in the show I am in, instead of masks, we are masquerading as different high school stereo-types. It's like a play in the sense that we all have characters, but there is no script, but more of a plot outline.

I have been cast as the "Jesus-Freak."
"Type-cast?" asked my don.
"No." I replied. "Not at all."

However, I am told that I have embraced the role very well. I now have a little white Bible that I carry around everywhere just to keep in character. Also, one of my Christian friends has been providing me with valuable resources like "" ("When church and cool collide.")

Rehearsals are every day except Sunday, so I am pretty busy. We do improv exercises and go through scenarios and practice sketches. I have been doing this every single day this week, and with homework on top o that, it has been hard to find time to shower. However, I showered today, and it felt great.

I am, however, avoiding a certain area on my arm, the area where I put one of my NEW TEMPORARY TATTOOS:
For those of you who can't read upside down, it says "You need to learn how to read upside down."
I have 18 more of these babies, all different words, and it should keep me pretty entertained for a couple of weeks.

I feel kind of bad that I haven't been blogging as often. I've been writing in my journal a lot, and I'm also writing fiction, even though I am not in a fiction class. I am still in Philosophy, and it looks like it's going to be that way for the rest of the semester. My professor looks like a Tim Burton character, but he is crazy-intelligent. When I take notes, it looks like the words don't stick to the page but rather slide around into odd formations.

Last but not least of my ventures, I am also part of a club called "Too Pool For School", which is a group of guys that get together every night and play pool in the Black Squirrel. We are hoping to become good enough to the point where we can go into the city and hustle at pool clubs. My tattoo will come in handy.

That's about it. I felt inspired after reading an Ira Glass quote I saw on a professor's  door. I don't want to be that guy who posts other people's words, so if you want the link to the quote that has me all hot and bothered, you can get it here (

Hand is cramping up. Happy Superbowl Weekend.

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