Wednesday, January 11, 2012

UCLA Day 3: A Lesson In Word Economy

This morning I woke up to my current roommate's alarm clock, which is this song:

It repeated over and over again for fifteen minutes, and it was still playing when I left the room to go get breakfast.

After breakfast, I went to Chase and tried to cash a check, but the friction in my wallet rubbed off the numbers, so I didn't get any money. I told my mom about this unfortunate circumstance, and she didn't believe that I had actually lost the check, so she told me to take a picture of the check and send it to her. Unfortunately, I had ripped up the check in anger, but I found a shred of it inside my pocket, and this was the resulting picture I sent my mom.

I used Microsoft Paint to "erase" information that might help sickos recreate this  piece of my Grandmother's check.
Afterwards, I juggled in front of the performing arts building for an hour, and entertained a tour that happened to be passing through the campus. 

Then, went into Los Angeles to see The Moth ( The venue was for 21-year-olds, but thanks to my girlfriend, who is as persuasive as she is attractive, we got in anyway, with big X's on our hands  to let bartenders know that we couldn't drink. 

We ended up judging the Story Slam. The theme was "Underground" so after a brief brainstorm we settled on calling our judging team "Harriet Tubman." It was the most creative out of the three team names. 

Afterwards, did some studying (ha) and now I am massaging my legs which are a sore from all the walking I did today. Ran into a friend from Pinole and a friend from New Haven. Small world. 

Can I kick it? Yes I can. 

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