Tuesday, January 10, 2012

UCLA: Day 2

Quebec gave me a blanket and a pillow. I slept on the floor in front of the fridge. Here's a picture:

This is where I sleep.
Today I followed Gwenna around campus. She gave me the grand tour, and I now know where everything is, more or less. I observed her ballet class, which I highly recommended to Quebec and his roommates. I ate at the major dining halls, and I went into town with Gwenna to get ice cream at Diddy Reese. 

"This is where one of my friends saw Tyler The Creator." she told me. This blew my mind. 

After ice cream, I met her a capella group, and then returned for some roommate bonding in Quebec's room. We are trying to make plans to party some time this week, but apparently it's very difficult if you aren't in a fraternity. 

"The golf team might be having a party this week... I'll have to check. But we don't really have that many options." 

Gwenna says that if you are a guy and want to get into a party, you have to travel in a "girl bubble", which means you surround yourself with women, who then enter a frat house with you in the center, so you can get past the guy guarding the door. Once you are in, you are solid. 

I don't have too many friends here at UCLA yet, so this isn't really an option, and we're not entirely confident with the gold team, so we'll figure something out. 

We spent the evening reading Tucker Max stories and sharing "bro-time." 

I have to wake up early tomorrow, so I am hitting the hay, but there are epic plans in the city which I am looking forward to. Stay tuned. 

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