Sunday, January 8, 2012

UCLA: Day 1

So right now I am at UCLA and it's pretty cool. I am living with one of my friends, "Quebec", who I went to high school with (he is not from Quebec). Today a lot of UCLA students were moving back into their dorms, so I helped Quebec's roommate move his stuff from his car to the room. A kid from down the hall stopped by the room.

"Did you guys unplug your fridges for the break?"

"Um, no, we accidentally left ours plugged in. Why?"

"I unplugged mine but we closed the door and now it's all gross inside. There's mold! It looks like someone jizzed in my fridge! Does anyone know how to clean up fridges?" The kid pointed to the one Mexican guy in the room, "You know how to clean things, right?" 

None of us wanted to help him, so he left and came back two hours later to tell us that he had cleaned the fridge himself. 

I went to the dining hall for dinner, which is much bigger than Sarah Lawrence's dining hall (duh) and filled with more people (duh) and I ended up bumping into a lot of muscular Asian people at the salad bar. But I had cioppino and bread pudding, so it was totally worth it. 

Quebec and his roommate are talking about their breaks.

Roommate: "How was your break?"
Quebec: "Pretty good. Hung out with my cousins."
R:"Oh yeah! One of 'em is pretty hot."
Q: "What? Where did you see this?"
R: "Facebook, man. Hey, can I bang her?" 
Q: "What?! No?!"
R: "Why not? She's your cousin, right? You don't have feelings for her do you?" 
Q: "No, man. No -"
R: "Nevermind. So, let me tell you about my break. So, I went to Tijuana, right? And the first night I went there, I was a virgin."
Q: "What?!" 
R: "A virgin to clubbing!"
Q: "Oh, I thought -"
R: "Well anyway, I had two shots and like ten beers and I sort of lost consciousness and when I came back I was on the dance floor with this chubby girl." 
Q: "Oh, wow."
R: "Why are you so afraid to go, man? To Tijuana? You can't even drink here! And clubs are super expensive here. It's easy down there. Clubs are thirteen bucks, there are some decent looking chicks... it might be good for you, man." 

There is more conversation like this going on, and I am loving every moment of it. I have a week here to make friends and learn what "real college" (as Gwenna calls it) is like. "Not saying that Sarah Lawrence isn't real college, but this is what most of America goes through to get their degree." 

So it begins. For now, my mission is to find shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and all the other toiletries I always seem to forget when I go traveling. Hasta luego!

The room in which I am living.

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