Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Ohio approves of this awkward picture.
Successfully moved back into Sarah Lawrence College. I broke the news to my friends and roommates that I can't afford to go here next year, and their responses were simple: 
Get loans. It's worth it. 
I am considering it. I am getting a fantastic education, and if it means I will get a great job writing for the New Yorker, hell yes. Loan away. But of course, another alternative would be to apply for scholarships. However, this is a very foreign concept to me and I am very frustrated when I try to apply. I will get over this. Especially if I plan to continue school here. 

My room, however, looks like a million dollars. I cleaned and now I have desk space and floor space, and I know where everything is. I feel at peace, productive, and ready to tackle a new semester. However, I once read an article that said that the neatness of a students room is a result of how stressed he/she is. So naturally, the room starts out clean, but will possibly deteriorate over time. 

Also, I have been doing some soul searching as far as the blog goes. 

Reasons Not To Blog: 
  • It's boring. I've been writing about my life for almost three years now. Maybe more. Yes,definitely more. And it's getting old. I think this has something to do with growing from adolescence into adulthood. Adolescents, by definition, are obsessed with themselves. I was. I am. But it's getting old. I need something new to do,which is why I am signing up for fiction classes this semester. One particular class "Sparks in the Void", is looking VERY exciting, because it is a class on "writing fiction out of nothing". WHAT. 
  • Privacy. Privacy is not a huge issue with me. I will tell anyone pretty much anything. But I am slightly uncomfortable with the fact that my parents know exactly what I am up to every day. I moved to the East Coast so I could sort of break ties with them and have them stop worrying about me so much. I returned over break and none of that had changed. So, not blogging would help them wean off of me, which is sort of weird if you think about it. Ironic? Maybe. 
  • Limits creativity. Blogging is giving the people what they want. Of course, I love giving the people what they want. I will openly degrade myself if it makes people laugh. But as far as writing goes, I want to have fun and explore my "darker side", none of which would be very fun to read. Ha. Or maybe it would.
  • Blogs are terrible for easy archiving. Sure, you have the side panel where you can read any post from any day, but flipping through a journal is so much easier and much more fun. I flipped through one of my old journals over break and got SO MANY IDEAS. You cannot "flip through" a blog.
  • Takes time away from other things. Like school. And other writing projects. 
Reasons To Blog:
  • Publishers. Publishers consider blogging to be published works, and if you want to get hired as a writer, having an active blog is great for your resume. Considering this what I want to do for a living, keeping my blog up to date would be wise. 
  • Views. I like getting views. The more people who pay attention to me, the happier I am.
  • Friends and Networking. I am toying with the idea of getting business cards so if I meet someone cooler than me, I can give them my card and say "check out my blog!". This way, they can decide whether they want to be friends with me or not, and then we can hang out and be awesome. 
  • Satisfy the writing urge. I write regularly (I want to say every day, but over the break I was very distracted with a beautiful woman), and a side effect of writing regularly is that when you don't write, you toss and turn and you can't sleep and you get nauseous and anxious. For peace of mind, I need to put words on a page. This is great, because a highly successful novelist once said "Write so that when you don't, it feels wrong." Success! To the max. 
The Solution:   

I will continue blogging. It will be regular and continuous. When you sign up for a tumblr account, they show you example blogs, and on the example blogs they have quotes, one of which is "It does not matter how slow you go as long as you don't stop." - Confucius. And he is right. So I will keep the blog active for my readers and potential publishers. 

However, content will be different. Sure, I will share stories when crazy shit happens to me, but I will also share whatever I think is interesting. Pablo Picasso would be really upset with me right now ("NEVER EXPLAIN YOU ART!" he once yelled at me) but putting this in writing sort of gives me the "go ahead" to do what I want. 

So, let a new semester begin! 

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