Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Morning

I am officially 19 years old, which is pretty darn great.

"I can now officially make fireworks." I told someone.

I have been lying a lot to people lately. I was playing pool yesterday in the Black Squirrel and between turns I started dancing.

"Whoa man, you look like a pole dancer."
"I did pole dancing as part of my gym credit in high school."
"No way, really?"
"Yeah, we had a district wide competition and I came in fourth place. There were like twelve competitors and I was one of two guys that participated."
"Wow. That's impressive."

I let it sink in, and then I leaned in to tell him that it wasn't true.

In high school I actually convinced people that there had been an Earthquake in Florida and as a result they had to shut down Disney World.

"Because Florida isn't used to earthquakes, and they have to make sure all of the rides are still working correctly."

This rumor spread throughout the school, and no one bothered to look it up until 2:00 in the afternoon.

"I can't find it in the news." said one of my friends, scrolling through her phone.

At these times, I think I would be a great fiction writer.

But right now I am in a philosophy class called "Language, Thought & Reality" and it is the craziest thing ever. Right now I am learning that when I say "I am Connor" I am actually saying "He who is speaking right now responds to the name 'Connor'" but then this isn't even true because there might be a whole bunch of people speaking right now and there is no way to truly identify myself with words.


The point is that I am not in a fiction class and I need to find a creative outlet for all of this fiction I seem to be spouting. So I am writing a book. It's snippets, but it's a book, where I write about 500 words a day in a composition notebook.

And that's the truth.

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