Friday, January 20, 2012


I was bumped from the class that I really wanted to take: "Sparks in the Void." It's a fiction writing class, but I tell people it's a Women's Studies course, just to see how they react. Being "bumped" means that the class is full and you have to try and find another class. So today I walked around campus and interviewed some other teachers and HOPEFULLY I will not get bumped again. I signed up for two more writing classes and a philosophy course.

"A philosophy course? Domini domini domini." said my roommate Ohio, crossing himself. "Good luck with that. I took a philosophy course last semester and I had to drop it."

"Well, I am a stronger man than you are." I told him. He seemed flustered when I said this. After he reads this blog he will try and convince me otherwise.

A few of my favorite things
I've been living on carrots, crackers, and hummus. No, I am not starving, but when I am hungry between meals I pull out the triple threat and snack. I am DEFINITELY getting more of this when I go shopping again. 

However, because of the initial expenses of college (textbooks, groceries, dandruff shampoo), I am currently low on funds, so I am going to have to get creative these next few weeks with food and comfort. Fortunately, I have two jobs (on Mondays, I'm an office assistant, and on random days, I am a research assistant), which means I will have TUBS of hummus to feast upon. 

And, hopefully, new pants. 


  1. What about your christmas gift!? Go get new pants!!

    1. I will! Once they clear the roads of snow!