Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alan Rickman

"Connor, I have two criticisms about your last blog post. First, you can totally pay for college. You just need to get jobs, like me. Second of all, I am part of most of your little adventures, yet I am not mentioned in the the blog ONCE. But don't call me Princeton, that's lame, my nickname should be something cool, like 'Big Red'."

Big Red
Big Red invited me to a party last night, but she said I could only go if I applied for five jobs. I did, went to the party, came back, and saw that I had an e-mail saying that I was hired. I am now a research assistant for a woman who is currently writing her dissertation. Eight dollars an hour! SWAG.

Today Big Red, Seattle and I went into the city to get student rush tickets to see "Seminar" on Broadway, starring Alan Rickman ( Tickets normally range from $51 to $199, but we got them for $30. Gotta love being a student.

We ate dinner at Shake Shack in Times Square, and then made our way to the play. It was funny and intelligent, and we really loved it. Afterwards, we waited by the stage door and got autographs and photos of the stars.

Me and Jerry O'Connell.
Big Red and Alan Rickman. 
One woman asked Alan, "Can I take a photo with you?"

"You can take a photo of me." He replied.

A successful night. Classes start tomorrow, but I am glad I started of the semester with a different kind of seminar.
My autographed playbill.

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