Friday, December 2, 2011


It's conference week at our school, which is sort of like finals week anywhere else. The library is now open 24/7, and a handful of my friends have taken to buying Red Bulls at midnight to give them a second wind to work on their conference papers.

I have had a couple freak-out moments my self, but thanks to my don and my extremely supportive friends, I am now cranking out the conference work. I wrote the preface and the first page of my Spanish play inspired by Jose Marti. I wrote the first several pages for my case study on the two children from the Early Childhood Center. And my PowerPoint for Oral History is going swell.

My don (who teaches my child-psych class) is a crafty woman. For the end of the semester, she assigned us reading on self-efficacy, which is basically the belief that you can do something. The basic theory behind the concept suggests that if you believe you can do something, you most likely can (Albert Bandura explains why this works in great detail, but... we'll talk about that later). This is extremely helpful in these stressful times. I believe I can do it. And thus, according to Bandura, I shall.

Along with some letters (one had a frog postcard in it [shout out to Bertha!]) I got a package today from Gwenna that truly rocked my socks. Here are some photos:

"A lot of people are jealous that you get so many packages." says Connecticut, who lives down the hall from me. I shared the cookies with them to ease the pain.

This week I participated in Midnight Cabaret ("Really? During conference week?" are most people's reactions).  I needed something fun to do to alleviate stress, so I went to the meeting on Monday to put together a show on Friday (today! in a couple hours!). We wrote scripts, edited, casted, and blocked the show in five days, and tonight we will be performing "Meth is a Four Letter Word For Family". It's a collection of sketches. I wrote four out of the fifteen we will be performing. It wil be interesting, if not good. Audiences for MidCab tend to be intoxicated, so if we bomb, nobody will really remember.

I love this school. Like, really though. I am learning so much and I have a group of friends that I have dinner with every night and everyone is really excited about what they are studying and my teachers are geniuses.

But even so, Christmas break is going to be fantastic. My life needs some Pinole, some Ellerhorst, some Fernandez Park, some Berkeley, some San Francisco, some PVHS, some Pinole Community Playhouse, some Pinole TV, some Pinole Valley Road, some Pinole Shores, some Chalk Hill...

Two more weeks. Until then, keep cheering me on.

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