Friday, December 9, 2011

Stand-Up TWO

Tonight I did stand-up again at the Black Squirrel. I did an ok job, but I am realizing that I really need to memorize my jokes. However, with conference work looming overhead, this isn't really a possibility. However, when I return to the Bay Area, I plan to memorize a set and possibly go to some venues and perform for the experience. According to Mike Birbiglia (a hero of mine) some places actually pay you to do stand-up, even if you are terrible. It is my goal to find these places and to make enough money to buy excellent Christmas gifts for my family. And to buy groceries.

Conference work is going well. I get distracted very easily, partly because I don't know if I am ahead of the game or grossly behind. I am making headway on my papers though. And tomorrow I am going on an expedition to Michael's for my Oral History project. So I think I am ok.

The play that I am writing for my Spanish class, however, is horrid. It's not bad as in I am doing a bad job writing it, it's just that the plot is making me cringe and the dialogue is really corny, and it's hard to control because I don't know a lot of Spanish. If my play is ever performed, it will be performed for kindergarteners in Cuba, and they will look at each other and say "Esta obra de teatro es mierda."

 Things I Notice About My Life At Sarah Lawrence:
I don't get out much. I stay on campus most of the time, and my time is pretty much divided between Bates, The Pub, Westlands, and the classes I have during the week. I would like to go out walking more, and I think I would enjoy it if I had a designated time to walk and a designated time to study. My life is pretty much up in the air every day, and to have some solid work schedule with a set time for play would be incredibly useful.

One of the saddest things that has happened to me is my crippling addiction to Facebook, which I open whenever I am bored. This was a thing I dealt with in high school, but in college it is tough to regulate myself. I need to start implementing the strategy I used senior year: whenever I getthe urge to go on Facebook, do something productive instead. Redirect the Facebook impulse into something useful.

Food is scarce. I have a lot of junk food in my room that I have tried to avoid, but late in the night I open my care packages and try to pick out what seems the healthiest and I eat it. The "healthiest" so far has been macaroni and cheese, Cheez-Its with peanut butter, and Kashi Brand cookies. The next time I go grocery shopping, I will be on the look out for cheap, healthy snack foods.

Also, going to the gym is pretty difficult. I go consistently once a week, but I am told I should be going five times a week. I have seen no noticeable weight gain (I just weighed myself to make sure), but I still need to use some calories, because I am restless in class, and I feel like a loser when I sit inside my dorm room all day.

The humor here is great. The people I talk to generally have a really biting, politically incorrect sense of humor which I love. The delivery is very dry, and for a couple weeks I thought a couple of my friends hated me, but they were actually joking. Right? Yeah. Totally joking.

My sleep cycle is completely out of whack, which I am sure my parents will LOVE when I comeback home for Christmas.

"A house? What's a house?" says Sebastopol.

I am going to sleep now (I just wrote about a page of dialogue for my Spanish play [HATE THIS THING]). Posting at midnight... so there is basically eight days until I come home.


LATE NIGHT UPDATE: I figured out the solution to my scheduling problem! I am now organizing my day on Outook and designating specific times for work and specific times for free time, so that the two do not bleed into each other. YEEEAAAH BOI. Like a boss. Taking charge of MY LIFE. Next I need to learn how to use Excel so I can budget my money, so I don't spend a ridiculous $3 a day on breakfast.

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    Go to that website and download Self Control. It's free. You can either turn off the whole internet except for a few sites, or you can just turn off specific sites but still be able to use the rest of the internet. So in your case, you could just block facebook. You set a period of time and it's irreversible until the time runs out. I can help you set it up if you're confused. :)