Sunday, December 11, 2011

Soldiers and Spanish and Semesters

Walked to CVS and bought poster board, construction paper, and craft glue. The result, the beginnings of my Oral History Exhibit!

They're army men! Glues to poster board!

Other than that, there isn't too much to report. I am tired and I am ready to go home. I am in the process of figuring out how I am going to get to the airport on Saturday, which involves going to New York City the day before. I initially thought that I was going to sleep in the airport for 15 hours, but my dad said that it probably wasn't a good idea and my roommate called me an idiot. So I am probably going to stay with my aunt the night before and then get a cab at four in the morning. WOO! Love it.

So a fun college fact: One of my friends sends out a mass text message twice a day telling everyone in our "friend group" to go to Bates to eat together. It's a great bonding experience and it guarantees that I'll have someone to sit with during dinner, which is better than wandering around with a plate and a cup trying to find people you know. However, today I received no texts, so I ate lunch with Truman Capote, which was enjoyable, and I ate dinner with Vermont and Daly City. Good stuff.

Also, I am planning to drop Spanish. I love the language, but the class is steadily getting more and more difficult and less enjoyable, and I think if I stay I am setting myself up for failure. So I am getting my Spanish forms signed and looking through the course catalog to find something to fill the void. I am considering something science-y or math-y. Or maybe public policy. I'll use the break to figure it out.

Also, just letting ya'll know I am 300 views away from hitting 10,000, so maybe I should do something ridiculous and/or exciting to bring in more viewers. Sitting in the airport for 15 hours would've been good, but now I have to somehow make my own magic.

FOR THOSE WHO GO TO SARAH LAWRENCE: I am reading a story I wrote ("The Story I Thought I'd Never Tell") at "Stories With Benefits", which is our Oral History exhibit/performance. 7:00pm in Slonim Living Room. BE THERE! It will be amazing. I need to bring at least two people, but if I bring more, my teacher wil like me more and maybe he can hook me up with a publisher.

Six more days until home!

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  1. Hey Connor..I am an obsessive compulsive mom whose son is considering Sarah Lawrence at the moment. He was accepted a few weeks ago and I am freaking out about being able to afford sending him there. In my OCD anxiety filled hours I stumbled upon your blog and I must tell you that I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog. You ARE a great writer and a pretty fantastic rapper! I can't quite figure out if you are still at SL but if you are AND my son ends up going there I hope you two can meet. Heck, I hope I can meet you. Forget him!!
    Anyway....thanks for entertaining me in my hour of need.