Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Conference Week Update

I am freaking out less about conference work. Right now it's just a matter of DOING, and I have been doing tons. I am on my ninth page of writing for my Childhood Development Case Study, I am on the seventh page of my Spanish Play, and I am on the 13th slide of my PowerPoint presentation for Oral History. I have some reading and rereading to do, but I am not worried. All is well in Westlands.

I have to go to Michael's this week to get materials for my Oral History Exhibit. The problem is, the closest Michael's is an hour's walk away, so I am trying to find friends to travel with so that I will not get a lost alone. I am told I should ride the bus, but I do not know the bus routes here in Westchester (A quick Google search just solved this problem. High-five for being proactive).

I've also been asked to DJ the dance that is supposed to happen after our Oral History exhibit. I've been putting together a playlist of crankin' jams. My Oral History teacher had only one guideline. "I heard a song that they were playing outside on the North Lawn. The people were dancing, it was almost tribal. I don't know what the song is called, but I know the lyrics. Look it up. It's 'OH my gosh' or something."

IThe class laughed pretty hard. And it's on the playlist.

I am still managing to have fun. I am doing stand-up at the Black Squirrel this week, which I am pretty excited for. I ran all my jokes by my roommate from Sebastopol, and he says "Yeah, it's funny," so I am pretty positive I'm going to do well.

I also went to a couple parties this weekend and I ran into LA who told me that she reads my blog. "I stalk your life, man."

This sort of inspired me to post again.

Lastly, I am pretty excited to go home for Christmas. I sent my parents my Christmas list of things that I would like, and Mom, Dad, if you are reading this, please write in that I'd like a copy of "In Cold Blood". You can put that right below where I wrote "knitting supplies."

Also, Bertha, I got five post-cards from you. I read them all to my classmates before my Early Childhood Development class. They were a hit, and I will definitely use them to prove that I live here so I can get a New York City Library Card.

*sigh* Back to work. Around campus everyone is working hard or at least pretending to be. One of my friends was in Westlands staring intently at a computer screen.

"Conference work?" I asked.
"No, I was trying to watch TV in the library but everyone is using the internet. So I have to watch it here. It's so annoying that everyone is studying."

10 more days and I am home. Four more days until I have to have all this work done. And one more day until I do stand-up. Yee.

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