Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Break Update

Christmas Break has been intensely filled with lots of friend-meets and personal projects, that it's almost like I am still in school but with a different cast of people. People keep on asking me if the weather is warmer here, and honestly, it isn't. I was out yesterday wearing three jackets and I was still cold, but that possibly could be attributed to the fact that I was wearing shorts.

So my Christmas Update: I returned home on Saturday and that evening I went with friends to go see "Killing My Lobster" (, a sketch comedy show in San Francisco. It was mediocre. There were some laughs, but most of all it was a little boring. I sort of sympathize with the cast, though, because they put on this show in three weeks. But nonetheless, it was disappointing, and I felt somewhat cheated out of $15.

On the bright side, there was live music performed by "The She's" ( . They're "sort of like the Beach Boys, but girls" and they were the highlight of the show. After the performance we went into the lobby to buy a CD. Lucas tried flirting with the bassist.

"Hey, it that a Gibson?" he asked.

"Yeah." she avoided eye contact.

"Cool. Well... keep at it! You guys are great."

"Is it wrong?" he asked me later. "That I was trying to flirt with her?"
I told him of course not.
"Even though they're still in high school? And I'm a sophomore in college?"
I told him not to worry, and that I am pretty sure there is a grace period that allows 19 year olds to flirt with 17 year olds.

In the car ride back, we speculated that we could write a comedy show that was ten times better than the one we just saw. "We're funnier, we have more energy, we could totally do it." We said in so many ways.

So, on Monday I met with Lucas and Arzhang at Peet's Coffee and we brainstormed a sketch comedy show. It is pretty much like Sarah Lawrence's "Midnight Cabaret". We write a show on Monday that we will perform on Friday. Except now we are performing it in Pinole in my garage instead of in a lecture hall on a college campus. As a result, there are a couple problems.

Our audience consists of my relatives, my neighbors, and my girlfriend's family. The family doesn't really know me too well. They see me sometimes in their house and my brain turns off when I try to talk to them, and I am worried that I appear to be socially retarded (a perfectly acceptable condition at Sarah Lawrence!). And now they are coming to see me in a comedy show where I will be pretending to masturbate onstage. Great.

My garage looks great, though. We turned it into a stage. My mom bought sheets from Thrift Town and we hung them on the walls to hide all of our junk. I borrowed shop lights from Pinole Community Television and chairs from my Grandma and a birdcage from my aunt. My sister made programs and popcorn. Today I am going to have to clean out the rest of my garage, and then we will be ready to go.

The show is called:"Keets: A Sketch-tacular Extravaganza of Avian Proportions". We wrote ten sketches, all having to do something with parakeets. We open tonight at 10pm.

So until then, I will attempt to make conversation with my girlfriend's parents, who are going about their business in their home, as I type awkwardly at their dining table watching an electrician install lights. Merry Christmas.

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