Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Best Part of Conference Week Is...

CBS's "hit show" titled "Unforgettable" was filming on campus today. They had huge lights and film crews and while I worked in the office I could hear them yelling "Rolling!" and "Action!" I also saw the red headed star, who I am so uninterested in that I can't even muster the motivation to google her name. I also saw her stunt double, who was less attractive but was able to do things like run and jump.
I got a text from a friend while I was working, who told me that the crew was actually asking for students to be extras in the episode. I was working, so I texted Seattle, who wants to be an actor, and he send me a heartbroken text message back saying that he had class. Twas a shame.

Another fun fact: Red-headed TV star's "alone-time room" was in The Black Squirrel.

"Don't they have trailers?" asked my supervisor.
"Yeah, but they couldn't find anywhere to park hers."

Massey actually bumped into Red-headed TV star. The way he tells it, the bump turned into several rounds of passionate intercourse. His friends tell me that she simply bumped him and touched his shoulder. "Sorry."

"- and then she took off her clothes." says Massey.

After work I went to Spanish class, where we discussed our hometowns. I spoke with a guy from Paris, and we compared it to Pinole.

"Que haces en Pinole con tu tiempo libre?" What do you do in Pinole with your free time? 
"Yo camino y monto mi bicicleta. Que haces en Paris?" I walk and ride my bike. What do you do in Paris?
"Ah... um... video juegos." Ah... um... video games. 

I also spent along time trying to explain Chalk Hill in Spanish. My teacher was very confused, and thought I was describing an enormous chalk-board.

After class, I talked to Senora Panama about dropping Spanish, and she said that she liked meas a student, that I was doing well, and that I should stay. I knew she was serious, because she even told me this in English. I spoke English back to her, but if felt very wrong. I didn't like it. But I do like speaking Spanish, so I am going to stay in the class, and create a study group to make homework and grammar lessons more bearable.

After dinner, I went to the Hour Children performance. Remember those interviews I did a ways back? The ones with the incarcerated women? Well, we gave the verbatim transcripts to  actresses and tonight they performed them for SLC students AND the women they were portraying. It was really interesting. A lot of the times the audience laughed where I don't think they should have (like when one woman was talking about how her husband fed her food constantly to keep her fat so she couldn't leave), but other than that it was a relative success.

ALSO tonight was Midnight Breakfast in Bates! Free food and music in the dining hall to take the edge off of conference work. I talked to some of my friends and they saw girls crying in the library because of the stress. I am sure guys were crying to, but in the privacy of their own rooms. It's a stressful time here at Sarah Lawrence (by the way, I recently read an article that said that our school is "colloquially" called "Scarry Larry". It's not. At all.)

I am currently hanging out with Massey and England in Hill House, who are engaging in "uber-man sleep" in order to get conference work done. This means they are taking twenty minute naps every four hours.

"It makes you feel so amped!"
"I feel so productive!"
"They say it can really fuck up your system!"
"Yeah, but we're idiots!"
"Germans invented it, right? So we shouldn't do it."
"No, I think the 'uber' is just in there."

I, however, will not be engaging in uber-man sleep. Tomorrow is a big day: I have a presentation in my Early Childhood Development class, and then an exhibit and a reading for Oral History. Time to get uber-Connor sleep.

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