Sunday, November 13, 2011


So today I went to a Mealoaf Party in Kober. My radio friend DC decided she wanted to make meatloaf so she invited us all over for dinner. It was very homey and it felt like a family meal. Sort of.

I am climbing back on top of my work and having tons of fun while doing so. Yesterday I went into the city to interview a piano player who plays piano in Washington Square Park every weekend at night. He was a really cool guy, and I am hopefully meeting up with him again to talk some more. I want to learn piano so I can one day be as cool as this guy.

But other than that I am learning how to budget my time and money. This week I am saving $20 because I bought my own cereal and bananas instead of buying it from the Pub. Tomorrow I am getting a $3 haircut from a friend.

I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving, and even more to Christmas break. It will be great to see my Pinole homies who know where I come from. Literally.

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