Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I played Scrabble in Spanish today. But it was the Spanish version so it had "Ñ"s and "RR"s.

SPANISH TUTOR: "Jueagas Scrabble? Eres bien?" Do you play scrabble? Are you good? 

ME: "Si. Soy el mejor." Yes. I am the best. 

The three of us (my tutor, my classmate and I) pulled letters from the bag and started the game. Our Spanish tutor put on Shakira music videos on her computer for ambiance, which was very distracting, especially when Shakira was rubbing black paint all over herself. But I got a double word score with "Perro" and a triple letter score on "bañe", and I ended up winning the game by ten points. 

"Yo se dijo. Soy el mejor." I told you guys. I am the best. 

Still noveling, hence the short blog post. Mr. Vineyards and I will type and read passages aloud to each other, which is really fun and helpful. I need more character development. 

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