Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My sister flew in from California yesterday. We got to Sarah Lawrence at ten o'clock, ate food, and explored the campus. She destroyed me in a game of Connect Four, and then we returned to my room to sleep. Ohio was gone for the holidays, so she slept in his bed and reported the next morning that both Sebastopol and I snore.

We took a train into New York City and then walked from Grand Central to Penn Station, with many adventures in between. We got lost for a moment so we stopped into a Starbucks for eggnog lattes and wifi, and we found our bearings and headed in the right direction.

 Brunch: $14.95 Time with a person who is just as weird as you: Priceless.

On our way to Penn Station we stopped at the New York Public Library. I mentioned to Erin that I wanted to get a library card. "I have one from Pinole, from Berkeley, from San Francisco, it's be cool to have one from New York."

"Then why don't you just get one." said Erin.

Awkward pause.

"Ok." I said.

I went up to the courtesy desk and asked to apply for a library card.

"Do you have an ID with your current address?" she asked.
I gave her my drivers license and my Sarah Lawrence ID.
"... I need proof that you go to this college. Do you have a piece of mail with your name on it?"

I didn't. So I left library cardless. I met Erin outside, who was reading a book with our luggage. I told her what happened, she shrugged, and we continued to Penn Station.


We took the train and met my aunt in Bayside. We dropped off our stuff inside her apartment, rested for a couple minutes, then headed back out into the city.

We went to go see the Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon inflating. It was very crowded but very exciting and slightly magical. There were lots of kids with fun winter hats sitting on their father's shoulders, and lots of beautiful mothers. Erin and I followed one in particular with short blonde hair and a beige and purple bag. Erin dared me to compliment her, but I was too shy and slightly afraid of a man that looked like he was her husband. We eventually lost sight of her.

Seeing the balloons was like seeing celebrities. They were all held down with nets, and we tried figuring out who was who. There was Spongebob and the Kool-Aid Man and The Pillsbury Doughboy, but my absolute favorite was Buzz Lightyear. I had a long discussion with my sister about why Buzz Lightyear is simply the best character out of all the balloon. [As I write this, Erin is in her pajamas, in her sleeping bag, reading a book. "What was your favorite balloon?" I ask. "Sonic. Duh."]
A wild Doughboy successfully caught!


Me: Explaining why Buzz Lightyear is awesome. Erin: Not caring.

BUZZ! OH MY GOD IT'S BUZZ! [my only problem, the bottom of his foot doesn't say "Andy".]

Sonic. Ok, he's kind of cool. For a hedgehog. And a balloon.

Afterwards we went to a birthday party on Central Park West. It was kind of awkward because we didn't know the birthday girl/woman, but eventually we got into talking to her friends and once we established that we were friendly we felt safe enough to eat the food.

We spent a long time talking to a man who grew up in Brooklyn. He talked about games he played as a child (playing with bottle caps and chalk, flipping bugs out of the gutter, kick the can) then we talked about school for a while (he was very interested in the idea of Sarah Lawrence. "It makes me want to learn again.") and we had a long, in depth discussion about the color of the walls of the apartment we were in.

"The color sort of reminds me of... facial cream."

Later we headed back to Penn Station, where we ran into a crowd of young men in jeans and button up shirts and women in tight dresses and high heels. They were loud and slightly intoxicated, and the crowd kept on growing and growing and growing. The crowd got so big and loud that at one point I thought a riot was going to break out, but we boarded our train before we could participate.

And now we're back and we're getting as much sleep as we can before we wake up tomorrow to peel potatoes.


  1. Wow, looks like you're having a great time! I can't imagine the government letting you both into New York though, it must be the equivalent of an atomic bomb! Anyways, cool blog!

  2. I hereby declare a campaign to enable Connor to go back to the library with a back pack full of letters and cards addressed to him at SL!!!@!