Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tell It On Tuesday

So today in Early Childhood Development, my teacher read us one of her children's books aloud. I highly recommend it. It explores the ideas of Walter Mischel and his studies on the reality principle in children. It is titled "Freddie's Spaghetti," and it is pictured below.

Apparently you can buy it for $0.01 on Amazon

"What I didn't realize when I was writing the book was that 'spaghetti' is such a delicious word." says Charlotte Doyle. "And after I introduce it in the first pages, you don't see the word until the very end, like a treat."

I am afraid to quote the book, because quoting a sentence would be like quoting a third of the book. Here's the ending:
"And Freddie ate spaghetti. And Freddie ate spaghetti. And Freddie ate spaghetti... [turn page] Until it was all gone!"
It's haunting, really. I highly recommend having someone read this book to you. Especially if you're three-years-old.

After lunch, tennis, and a journalism pow-wow in the library, I went to a Sarah Lawrence StorySLAM.It was structured exactly like a Moth StorySLAM, so I wrote my name down and put it in the hat. The theme of the night was "Fear."

For those of you who don't know, a StorySLAM is a gathering where people tell true stories about their lives. They have to pertain to the theme of the night, and they cannot be longer than five minutes.

I told the story of how I was suspended for five days in high school (ask me about it sometime, it's great). I had been preparing to tell this story at The Moth in New York City, where the theme ("Jokers") was more appropriate, but I was able to twist it a little so it had to do with "Fear". It was a success, and I think I am more prepared to go to The Moth someday soon.

Right now eating peanut butter and mini-wheats. Bon appetit.

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