Sunday, October 9, 2011

Studious Saturday

I woke up at one o'clock today. ONE O'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON.

I got up immediately and started doing homework. My don says that I should be spending 15 hours a week on work for every class, which totals up to a whopping 45 hours a week. This week, I am going to try to reach that goal.

I asked around, and no one really does that much work. However, it is a standard to strive for, and if I time myself this week and find out I only work about four hours total, we have a problem.

I studied in my room and in the library, with breaks for chicken salad sandwiches in the pub. I got five assignments done today. I have seven more to go.

Microsoft Outlook is incredibly useful, and makes everything manageable. A screenshot of my to-do list:


I met up with my radio partner, DC, and we planned out our show. We decided that it's going to have a weekly theme, so today we chose a theme and picked out music that fit under the theme, along with things we could possibly talk about. The radio show is going to be VERY exciting and once we get the link I will put it on the blog so that you can listen to it live. 

Today I went to see a production at Downstage, a small underground (literally) theater. It was a 24-hour theater fest, where a team of ten people had to write five ten minute plays and perform them in 24 hours. Exciting? Yes. I was entertained. 

I have a nice balance of work and play, even though I am trying to increase the amount of work I do.

Something I learned today: Children who wait for their marshmallows are more likely to succeed in life. I had to read this article for my Early Childhood Development class. It's fun. If you are the reading type, go for it. If you're not, just make sure your kids can wait for marshmallows if you want them to get a college education. 

Tomorrow I learn more about Cuba. But until then, another chicken salad sandwich.

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