Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rippin' and Reppin

So today's going to be a short blog post because I want to sleep. NOW. I am in my pajamas, I am very comfortable, and my bed is calling out to me.


Today I implemented my money-saving breakfast. I brought my box of cereal to the Pub, poured milk (intended for coffee) into one of the paper oatmeal bowls, cut up a banana that I saved from Bates the day before, and had breakfast for $0.

At lunch today I had a HUNGER ATTACK, so I went down to Bates to swipe for lunch, and I saw that I had 14 meals for the rest of the week. FOURTEEN?! MY new meal plan is in effect, and now that I have 14 meals for the rest of the week, I can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between. Whenever I want. However I want. VICTORY.

I am starting to log all of the food that I eat in a yellow notebook, just because I am curious why I get these intense hunger attacks. They come out of nowhere. I ate two cheeseburgers and soup for lunch today. I thought I was possibly diabetic, but I did some online research and if I was, I'd be peeing all the time. So I am also logging my urination and bowel movements just to be safe. So far, it looks like I'm fine. Just hungry. I am hoping this means I am going through a growth spurt.

I had Spanish Conference today and my Spanish Teacher is no longer upset with me because I now have an idea of what I am going to do for my conference project. I am writing a play inspired by Jose Marti. In Spanish. For my first semester final. How cool is Sarah Lawrence? Too cool.

Time to sleep.

Oh, and today I went through the entire day without noticing that I was wearing the jeans with the giant hole in the ass (it's grown since I've last taken a picture of it). I was walking after dinner and I thought my but was wet, but it turns out it was just cold because it was fully exposed to the elements. Go me for advertising my semi-hairy right butt cheek to the whole campus.

And the radio show today was a disaster. We weren't prepared, and we sort of putz-ed through it. However, we had great company ad played relatively good music, so all was not lost. It wasn't really the "Best" Day Ever, but more of a "OK Day"... ever.

But tomorrow is Friday, and it will be the best.

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