Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Radio and an Unwanted Return

This morning I ran out of pants to wear, which is odd because usually I have my pants planned out for the week. I dug through my hamper and threw on a pair of jeans that looked okay and smelled decent. Thus the day began.

I went to Early Childhood Development, where we discussed Freud. The class has officially warmed up to each other, so the discussions in class move a little smoother and I am learning tons.

I went to tennis practice and I am doing much better. The coach complimented me on my backhand, which is a huge deal because this guy gives out compliments like it hurts to do so. I felt great.

Then  I went to Spanish tutoring. My Spanish tutor is now sort of my confidant because I end up telling her all about my life just to make conversation and to improve my Spanish. Today I explained to her the current situation of my love life, along with my Friday night adventures. What can't go on the blog goes to my Spanish tutor. Fun stuff.

Lastly, my favorite Pub item is the chicken salad sandwich. It is chicken salad on cranberry-walnut bread with lettuce and apples. It is heaven. If you go to Sarah Lawrence, try it. Even if you are a vegetarian. Or a vegan. It may convert you.

DC (As in Washington, DC) and I are doing a radio show together! Our show got approved (working title "Best Day Ever"). The premise: A comedic week-in-review show with discussions between DC and I, with music to ease the tension. It's going to be good.

Afterwards I hung out with my friends tonight in my room, and I realized that the dirty pants I was wearing were actually the pants that the kid wiped boogers on last week.

I knew there was a reason I shouldn't have worn them.

It is time to do laundry.

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