Monday, October 17, 2011


I went to work at College Events this morning. After chilling in the office for about an hour, my supervisor had me direct human traffic outside of Heimbold, the Visual Arts building. I was supposed to point people in the direction of the Rotary lunch.

"Basically, look for adults, ask them if they're looking for the Rotary lunch, then tell them to go in through that door and downstairs." She told me.

Not to hard.

A woman walked towards me. I cleared my throat

"Hello... ma'am. Are you looking for... something?"

She gave me a weird look, said "No," and walked away quickly.

After my shift ended I went to the post office and picked up TWO packages from the West Coast.

Received items.

From the Gwenna:

  • Artwork
  • Purple t-shirt that she wore (so it smells pretty fantastic).
  • Chapstick
  • 2 Three Musketeers candy bars
From the Fam:
  • PEANUTS (I ate a quarter of the bag already).
  • 4 oatmeal packets
  • Zines from the SF Zine Fest (thank you Erin!)
  • Trader Joes Oatmeal Soap (in plastic soap container)
  • The Book of Questions (to stimulate conversation among potential friends)
  • Garment bag
  • Envelopes & stamps
  • Four chocolate squares
Apparently my mom knew a guy who jumped through some hoops to get this book signed for me. Inside it says: "To Connor, I hopy  hope you are happy at Sarah lawrence and that you don't drop out pregnant. Sincerely, David Sedaris." 

I screamed.

And tonight I watched "The Iron Giant" with Redwood City, which was a fantastic trip down memory lane. I am going to be quoting the movie all week. 

Other than some drama (one of my friends was sent home today, but hopefully she'll be back soon) today was a good day. 

Tomorrow I hope to do some homework and to adventure. Moratorium, right?


Ohio: "Your jeans have seen better days, haven't they Connor?"
Connor: "Why? Is there mud on them?"
Ohio: "No. There is a hole in the ass of your jeans."
Connor: "Oh. You mean my pocket?"
Ohio: "No. I can see your boxers."

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