Saturday, October 29, 2011

On Snow

So this morning I woke up at around 10:30am and there were little flakes falling from the sky and I thought "Ok, this is snow." And then I took a shower and looked outside again and saw that more flakes were falling from the sky so I said "No wait, THIS is snow." And then I ate brunch and went outside again and there was even more snow. And then it snowed so much that the Met Van was canceled and I wasn't able to go into the city to find myself, as planned.

Instead, I had a Snow Saturday at Sarah Lawrence.

I go into snowball fights and made a snowman. I drank hot apple cider and ate pumpkin pie in the Garrison dorms. Then I went outside and got into more snowball fights until I couldn't feel my hands.

I went back to my room and did some homework for the rest of the afternoon, taking breaks to watch snow fall and to listen to tree branches breaking. It was beautiful outside.

And then the sun went down and it stopped snowing and started slushing. I walked down to Bates for dinner, taking slow steps in half-melted snow down the steepest hill on campus, then wading through an ice-cold puddle to get to the front door.

I ate corned-beef and cabbage for dinner, talked with friends, then walked up the hill back to my dorms.

I need snow boots. My socks were cold and wet.

Another fun bit about the snow was how it took out the school's power and SOMEHOW the school's internet. Thankfully, Westlands has a generator so we still had heat and light, but no internet meant no fun. I did a lot of assigned reading and writing. I think because the internet was down, I had one of the most productive days I have ever had at Sarah Lawrence.

Now it's nighttime and the internet is back, but not the power in most of the school. Administration sent out an e-mail telling the ENTIRE campus that Westlands has power, so there was a massive pilgrimage to our building and it is now full of people. There is a girl sleeping on the floor in front of me who is waiting for her iPod to charge. There is a group of seniors in my RA's room, which is probably making him feel pretty popular right now. And outside there are a bunch of girls having dinner that they ordered from a local restaurant.

So it kind of feels like that movie with Denis Quaid, "The Day After Tomorrow." And I am enjoying very moment of it.

A lot of people are cursing the snow and complaining, but since this is my first day I really don't mind all of the trouble it caused. I had fun in and out of the snow, ad it makes everything inside our building feel ten times cozier.

Now that I have internet, I can watch movies on Netflix once I finish my homework. And then maximum coziness will be achieved.

Cheers to the first snow day at Sarah Lawrence College.

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