Saturday, October 15, 2011

Intensity Level Six

Guess who got paid yesterday? This guy. I got a letter in my mailbox that told me to go to the Payroll Office. I signed some forms, and I got my first paycheck for my desk job at College Events. Today I walked into Yonkers to go to the bank to deposit it into my account. The woman behind the counter looked bored and she had no patience for me when I handed her my check.

"I don't need all this paper. I just need the check." She told me.

Still, now I have some dollars in my account. I have $44 in Meal Plan Money left on my OneCard, so I may have to use my paycheck to buy food. I am thinking about writing out a budget for myself so I can make my money stretch. My initial "Bon Voyage" funds are dwindling, so it's time to get real.

Yesterday I stepped in my friend's puke. We were at a gathering in Hill House and at one point the evening crossed a line and things got intense. It ended with Security taking my friend to the hospital.

"My doctor was this German guy." said Anonymous. "And he pointed to my arm where I had been keeping tally of how many shots I had. He pointed to this crooked one, the sixteenth one, and said 'That's the one.' They basically babysat me though. They had me on saline or something but they didn't need to pump my stomach or anything. The bad part is that they notify your don when they send you to the hospital. I don't know what he's gonna say."

He accidentally recorded the audio of the whole ordeal on his iPhone. We are wondering if we should listen to it or not, sort of like the tapes of Grizzly Man getting eaten by bears.

Today I also went to the gym. I went to one of the stationary bicycle things and looked for the "On" button. I couldn't find one. I looked everywhere and I pushed and turned every knob on the dashboard, but it wouldn't turn on. I figured it was broken, so I went to the next machine but I couldn't find an "On" button on that one either.

The woman working the desk was watching me curiously.

"Um... so, do you know how to turn this thing on?"

"I think you just start peddling."

She was right. I peddled for fifteen minutes. I set the "Intensity" level at six.

Afterwards I did some laundry. The dryers were broken so I had to carry all of my clothes to another building to dry them. They are currently drying. They will be done in nine minutes.

I ate a quesadilla today.

I ate brunch too. I had pancakes and sausages with fake syrup that turned solid when it cooled.

I ate some yogurt.

I ate a chicken salad sandwich.

I went to the library and watched "Babies" with Gwenna (simultaneous Netflix viewing? Yes, we're that cool). It's a documentary that focuses (and I mean FOCUSES) on four babies: one in Africa, another in Japan, one in Mongolia, and one in San Francisco. It was a fantastic movie, which really kills me to say because it's French. And the French would make a movie only about babies with no dialogue at all. They did a good job though.

My laundry is almost done. Here's a meme Salem made from that picture from an earlier post.

"Don't tell anyone I told you to put this on the blog. I don't want to seem like a bitch." - Salem

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