Saturday, October 1, 2011

F*** It Friday

Today I slept until noon. I woke up, ate a Pub chicken salad sandwich for breakfast, and went to a conference with my don.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Sarah Lawrence way of life, our dons are like our mentors/counselors/teachers. My don is a charming old woman who smiles all the time, and today she showed me how to look for things on the internet. I am pretty competent with the internet, but I sat through her lecture because I like her so much.

Afterwards I went to the library to do some reading on Freud. I can tell why my Early Childhood Development teacher chose to teach us about Piaget before Freud. Piaget is all about the magic of childhood learning and discovery. Freud is all about sex and incest fantasies in children.

The Freud readings creeped me out, so I put on my party pants and went to Hill House to prepare for the "Spirit Animal Dance" in the Blue Room. After a little too much spirits and not enough animals we ended up staying in Hill House until ten minutes to midnight, when I remembered about Ohio,

FLASHBACK: Ohio joined Midnight Cabaret, a weekly show at Sarah Lawrence that is loosely based on Saturday Night Live. It's weird and crazy and different every week, and Ohio was part of the cast. I needed to be there to support my roommate.

BACK TO THE PRESENT: Five minutes to midnight, Madison and I rushed to Midnight Cabaret. We made it halfway through the show. Ohio was performing a scene called "F*** Projectors" that was supposed to be like a silent film but the projector actually broke halfway through the scene (unscripted) so they had to start talking. The highlight of the show, however, was the oatmeal scene.

Ohio and a pair of twins sat at a table eating oatmeal slowly as country music played. This went on for two minutes, and slowly the oatmeal eating became messier. Ohio slapped oatmeal onto his ears and eyebrows. It was precious. The scene ended with its only line of dialogue: "You're adopted."

I cheered for Ohio. I have the best roommates at Sarah Lawrence, and I plan to support them like a mom in any event they participate in.

Tomorrow I meet with my dad in New York City.

I'll keep you posted.

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