Sunday, October 9, 2011

Every Day I'm Studyin' (feat. Ohio's Adventure)

Today I woke up early to get Bates Brunch, which is when Bates Dining Hall serves breakfast items at 11 o'clock. I skipped a meal swipe this week just so that I would have one for the weekend for this occasion. I had seven triangles of French Toast, three servings of hash browns, three servings of fresh fruit, and applesauce.

The perfect kickoff to a day of studying.

Empowered by my don's 45 hour work-challenge, I sat down and did as much work as I could. I read about Cuba, I wrote out my life history on a timeline, I typed a paper for Early Childhood Development, I followed up on a phone call to schedule an interview, and I still had time to crank out an article about Occupy Wall Street.

Who knows how to wait for his marshmallows? This guy.

To top off the day, I check out a movie from the library. It was a documentary that my Oral History teacher recommended called "Grey Gardens". I popped it into my computer and watched about twenty minutes of it before getting creeped out and turning it off. It was about a mother and her daughter living alone in a dilapidated building. The two women are odd but in a very disturbing way, probably because they don't really interact with anyone else. I realized that I wasn't interacting with anyone either, so I packed up the DVD and looked around desperately for someone to talk to so that I will never be the star of "Grey Gardens II".

I ended up playing cards with Redwood City. We played Egyptian war and Speed and I lost both times.

But the real crown jewel of today was hearing about Ohio's adventure last night.


Ohio went to go visit his friend in Boston this weekend, and Saturday night he took a three hour bus ride back to New York City. The bus stopped at 33rd and 7th where his Lincoln town car was supposed to pick him up. He called for the car, and when it arrived he opened the back door. "It smelled like vomit. I slammed the car door, told the driver 'No' and took the subway instead to Grand Central."

Ohio arrived at Grand Central at 4:00am, but it was closed until 5:30am. "Because they need to clean and all that other stuff. A side note, I had not slept in 24 hours. I was tired. So I slept on the sidewalk for an hour will the hundreds of other people waiting for Grand Central open. Look," he showed me his suit jacket, "I had to sleep on this. Do you see the wrinkles? I can't wear this ever again."

"So I slept next to all these people. I slept on top of my iPad so no one would steal it. And when Grand Central finally opened I took a 6 o'clock train back to Bronxville with all the drunks. And when I got to Bronxville, guess what? No Sarah Lawrence Shuttle. You know why? Because the shuttle only runs at night. And now it was morning.

"I see a blue cab, and so does this 75-year old woman. We stare each other down, and I get to the cab first and slam the door on her. I got a ride back to Sarah Lawrence for $4 (pretty reasonable) and that's that."

"And by the way, you left the breadbox right in front of the door. I tripped on it when I came in, which was that crashing sound that woke you up. It was your fault you know."


Ohio plans to get the stitching on his suit jacket repaired, along with removal of "mystery stains" from the sidewalk. "I hope they can fix it, or else I am going to have to throw it away. Which really upsets me. It's a nice jacket."

"The lack of pictures on your blog disorients me. Can you upload one of his jacket? Thanks." - Salem, Oregon. 

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