Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Essentially Me

Bottled water costs $1.69 at the Pub. I've been partaking in this bullshit for two months, but today I went to the grocery store and bought a 24 pack of THE SAME bottled water for $6.99 ($0.30 a bottle).

That's my baby right there.
After I drink all 24 water bottles (most likely over the course of a month) I will have saved $33. That's two trips to the city. Fifteen loads of laundry. Or a pant leg.

I also bought nasal decongestant medicine, dandruff shampoo, and A&P brand cereal called "Essentially You". And since I used my A&P membership card, I saved $6 on groceries! Go me!

Oral History today was brutal. We had a discussion about George Orwell's essay "Politics and the English Language".There was a lull in the conversation, and in an effort to impress the teacher (who I hold in very high regards) I tried saying something general but in a fancy way.

"I think the essay is sort of about how communication stops becoming communication when the goal is no longer to communicate."

No reaction, so I continued.

"And it sort of steers away from political correctness, which sort of reminds me about Penny Arcade from last week."

"That's why I assigned it." said the teacher, but it translated to "duh." I felt my cheeks get hot and I shut up for the rest of class.

Afterwards I had conference with him. We discussed my conference project and we both agreed that it was going nowhere.

"This is good. This is where some people choose to change their conference projects. You're not the only one in the class who has this problem. Who are you going to interview next?"

"Er... uh... well maybe um... people?"

"How about this: What are you interested in?"

"Ah... well I uh... hm."

"You know what, go into the city this weekend. Go to Times Square and poke around. You'll find something.  You need to step outside your comfort zone a little. You need to be willing to adventure. Search for yourself. And search for a story."

So it's settled. This weekend I am borrowing a recorder from AV and going into the city to find myself and my conference project theme.


Dinner: Bow-tie pasta and bean salad.
Dessert: Oatmeal raisin cookie crumbled over rum-raisin ice cream.
Midnight snack: Mashed potatoes, steak and broccoli.

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