Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Day of Discoveries

Cool things I learned today:

In Early Childhood Development, we learned that religion can help nervous parents raise their kids correctly. Apparently, American parents have trouble raising their kids because they are worried that they aren't doing it right. The parents don't have confidence  in themselves, and as a result the kids don't have the sense of security that they should have. The solution: faith. In God or some sort of higher power, will help parents calm down and believe that things will turn out all right.

NEXT: Children who trust their mothers are more likely to explore the world with confidence and enthusiasm. When a child goes outside and then comes back to find his/her mother exactly where she was when they left, they realize that their mother is always going to be there for them. A reliable mother breeds confidence. However, if the child does not find their mother reliable, and had experienced where the mother is inconsistently available, the child will doubt whether her parent will be there when he/she returns from exploring. This means that the child will fear venturing into new situations.

So as you can probably tell, today was a day of learning.

After tennis today, our coach told us that if we want to play on the Quidditch team, practice was going to be at 4:00pm. I couldn't go because of Spanish Tutoring, but coach told us all about it.

"We have brooms, a Quaffle... there's going to be a game this weekend. Bring a cape.You guys gotta come. It gets crazy. We have a student who actually was able to play in the World Cup."

"There's a World Cup for Quidditch?"

"I swear. Google it. This year its in New York."

Here it is: http://www.worldcupquidditch.com/program.php

It's legit.

Bates Dining Hal Highlight: Apple Pie flavored ice cream topped with shredded coconut and a crumbled ice cream cone.

After dinner I ran into with Chilmark (MA) who was doing Russian homework downstairs with Redwood City. We were talking about Redwood's fiction writing class, and then the topic turned to National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo.

"THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!" said Chilmark. "Let's do it!"

We shook hands. I signed up and I am ready to go. 50,000 words in 30 days, starting Novermber 1st. What am I going to write about? No idea.

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