Monday, October 17, 2011

Bro Time

I was invited to hang out with St. Louis for "pizza, Starcraft, beer, and bro time" in his dorm common room with a couple other people. The concept of "bro time" intrigued me the most, so I went to his dorm to figure out what that was.

Apparently bro time is where intelligent people have very intelligent conversations in a casual context while watching competitive Starcraft and drinking beer. No one ate the pizza while I was there. They talked about Occupy Wall Street and women and Kelly Rowland. They watched videos of The Rock on YouTube and texted their parents while using the restroom. I ended up staying there for about three hours. "You'll come back." they told me. "It's addicting."

Before that I adventured into Yonkers. I followed Kimball Avenue (notorious for public lewdness) the entire time, looking for a public park to sit and eat and read Derrick Brown poems. Instead I found a strip mall with tables in front of a Hagen Daz. Not bad.

Before that I did homework. I did a lot of reading about adolescence, which apparently is what I am going through right now in my life. Some characteristics of the adolescent according to Jean Piaget, Anna Freud, and Erik Erikson:

  • Running away from home - Whether it be at night to go party or away to college, they all qualify. Adolescents typically try to escape their parents as much as possible.  
  • Need of moratorium - Erikson says that adolescents need a moratorium, or a period to "go find themselves". An excuse to adventure? Yes. 
  • Strong doubt of identity - Can lead to "psychotic episodes". 
  • Over-identification with heroes - Caused by doubt of identity. (My heroes: Lil Wayne, Derrick Brown, Keri Smith, John Cage. What kind of person does that make me? Yes). 
There's a lot more they talk about, which scares me. Apparently being an adolescent is pretty traumatizing. I look forward to growing into an adult so that this madness hopefully ends (it doesn't according to Erikson. Adults struggle with generativity versus self-absorption/stagnation, which means making babies versus becoming a loner).

Before this I ate brunch in Bates and discussed tattoos.

And now I am going to sleep. 

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