Friday, September 30, 2011

Two-Hundred Dollar Thursday

I am all hyped up on milkshakes, "Mean Girls" and Teddy Grahams, and I don' think I am going to get any sleep tonight, but that's okay because I don't have any classes tomorrow. I am in that sugar-lull when you are no longer feeling the effects of the sugar and you feel melancholy and all you want to do is philosophize about life. I won't do that.

Today I went grocery shopping at A&P and I got a savings card, which makes me feel like an adult, but in the uncool, practical way. I bought bread, milk, cereal (Multi Grain Cheerios on sale!), and peanut butter. I have burned through most of the money I came here with, and I am really looking forward to getting my work study paycheck.

It rained today and our windows were open. When I came back to the room my laptop, my camera, and my books were all soaking wet. I cleaned it up with a towel and everything appears to be in working order.

Ohio came into the room and screamed. He kept all of his books by the window, and now they were all soaking wet.


He borrowed a hair dryer and tried drying the pages of his books. One of them caught on fire.

"IT CAUGHT ON FIRE! OH MY GOD!" he screamed.

He put out the flames, and our room smelled like smoke. We opened the windows so the fire alarm wouldn't go off.

Now all of his books are on his desk, away from the window.

"If you blog about this Connor, I'll kill you." he said.

Tomorrow is my weekend. I will spend most of the morning doing homework, and spending the afternoon trying to make a costume for the "Spirit Animal Dance". I want to be a dolphin, but according to a kid from Connecticut, I look like a pelican.

And apparently according to Madison and her friends, I look like Kevin Gnapoor from "Mean Girls".

And according to my mom, I look "terrific".

I'll keep you posted.

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