Thursday, September 22, 2011


Things are getting busy here at Sarah Lawrence.

Or maybe it just feels like it's getting busy. I've been feeling stressed and overwhelmed lately and all I want to do is go on a run, but my ankle still needs to heal. So to relieve stress, I have been doing push ups.

[Push up break]

Seventeen. Not bad.

Things I need:

  • Binders - I have a lot of loose papers floating around my desk. They need a home. 
  • Three-hole punch - See above.
  • Book shelf - just a small one, a place to put all of my notebooks and textbooks instead of my desk. 
  • Two functioning ankles - Ya know. 
I had a conference with my Spanish teacher today. I had to devise my conference project for that class. It looks like I will be doing something to the effect of "Hispanic Artists and the Definition of War". This means I will be studying a bunch of painters who speak/spoke Spanish and analyzing pieces of art that pertain to war, while providing my own definition of war. Oh, and it all has to be in Spanish. 

It's still in the fetal stages of becoming my conference project, but I'm going to start doing research now. 

Currently I am reading 36 Children by Herbert Kohl. It's for my Oral History class, but it strangely relates to my Early Childhood Development class. I love this book so far because I can see bits of Piaget in this guy's teaching methods. Also, I love when people, especially kids, get excited about writing. Every time I read a passage from this book I want to go out and learn things. 

We learned a theory in Childhood Development today that kids are born with a desire to learn. They smile when they learn something new (source: Piaget), and apparently the chemical release you get from learning is the equivalent of smoking crack cocaine (source: woman at The Moth who said she read that in the NY Times). 

Today was my first day shelving books at the library. I worked in our high school library last year, and I really enjoyed it. My favorite part was shelving the assigned classics: piles of Shakespeare, Catcher in the Rye, Atlas Shrugged, and more. The more I shelved, the more I wanted to read. 

The Sarah Lawrence Library is quite a step up from the Pinole Valley High Library. First of all, it isn't organized by the Dewey Decimal System. It is organized by the Library of Congress System, which is intimidating and exciting. I am in charge of shelving sections A - D. Today I spent an hour and a half shelving, which is about $11 worth of work. Going back in tomorrow to increase that number. 

I've been using Microsoft Outlook a lot. It is immensely helpful in organizing my life. I never thought I'd use it (I've tried in the past) but now I don't know what I would do without it. Here's what my week looks like: 

Notice all of the assignments in the lower portion of the photo. 

[Push up break]

Ten. Not bad. 

So I am going to sleep early so I can wake up and kick some homeworkin' ass so that I can enjoy my weekend and so I don't have to do all of these push ups. 

I'll keep you posted. 

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