Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Snack, Service, and Spanish

Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, hash browns
Lunch: Chicken noodle soup with rice
Snack: Peanut Butter & Jelly Club (Three layer sandwich, way too much peanut butter and jelly, made me kind of sick)
Dinner: Bell pepper tofu, salad, oatmeal cookies

Now: Very hungry.

I don't know if I am growing or what, but I am in a constant state of hunger, no matter what I eat. I suspect I will run out of food money before I run out of anything else. After I finish this blog post, I am buying cereal at The Pub and eating it before I sleep.

I went to Health Services today so they could check out my foot. It was a slow day, so the nurse spent a lot of time doing things that had nothing to do with my ankle. She took my blood pressure, told me how to eat correctly, and asked me how many friends I had. She also said that I looked like an athlete, which is the first time anyone has said that to me in my life. Only at Sarah Lawrence.

The verdict: my foot is fine. Give it a week and it'll be back in working order.

At the Pub today, Massey asked "Hey, I heard you hurt your foot?"

"Are people still talking about that?" asked his friend who was smoking a cigarette.

My foot is passé. 

I went to go see my Spanish tutor again today, and I tried to tell her about the interview with the orgy-coordinator. 

TUTOR: "¿Qué es su trabajo?" What is his job? 

ME: Ah... un... blog.

TUTOR: ¿Qué es su blog sobre? What is his blog about? 

ME: Um... sexo.

TUTOR: ¿Cómo encontraste este blog? How did you find this blog?

ME: Um... ah....

TUTOR: ¿Te gusta los blogs sexual? Do you like sex blogs? 

I wasn't able to talk myself out of this one, so now my Spanish tutor thinks I am a dancer and a pervert. 

Tomorrow I watch kids in their natural environment again. I'll keep you posted. 

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