Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ohio's Recovery

Ohio spent most of the day in bed. He had a fever this morning, and he looked terrible.

"My don did this to me." he said. "He was coughing and he came to class and I got the flu from him."

He slept, ate ramen, and slept some more.

I spent most of my day in my room as well, doing homework and looking over my shoulder every so often to make sure Ohio didn't throw up or die.

For my oral history class, I have to write a profile based on a two-hour interview with Jay Swithers. This means  I have to listen to the interview and take notes. I have the audio file on my computer, and I have been tackling it in 15-minute chunks, with PB&J sandwich breaks to keep me energized. I finished notes successfully.

By the time I was done with homework and some laundry, Ohio was back on his feet, cracking jokes and telling everyone, "If you get the flu, don't worry, it'll only keep you down for 24-48 hours." This remains to be seen.

So today was mostly work. But I will entertain you with pictures of my living quarters. This collection of photos is called "Westlands: A Life in the East."

The room I live in. 

The hall I walk. 

The bathroom I utilize.

The doors are swelling shut because of the humidity, so we have to keep them open or else we'll be trapped in our rooms. 

I'll keep you posted. 

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