Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Kids and Laundry - I Feel Like a Mom

Went to the Early Childhood Center again today. It's been a week since these kids started school, and now they are comfortable. And by comfortable I mean loud.

The kids don't really care if humans are disturbed by their noise, so the teacher tried getting them to be quiet by telling them that the classroom's pet turtle, "Sprinkles", didn't like the noise. I did not hear a noticeable improvement, but I still thought the approach was clever.

The kids played with blocks and did marble painting, and I realized that I really wanted to join them, but I couldn't because I would be "structuring" their play. I really miss playing with blocks, and I would make much cooler buildings than these kids, so I look forward to having children so that while they sleep I can build castles and cities out of Legos.

By the way, the Early Childhood Center has boycotted Legos.

"We try to avoid plastic and other unnatural toys.All of our playthings are made mostly out of wood." She literally has tree branches, sanded and cut into discs, for the children to stack. No one has played with them so far.

Afterwards I went to my Oral History class where we had a group interview with Jay Swithers, an Emergency Medical Technician, who was at the scene of 9/11. He told his story and we recorded it, and now for homework we need to make a radio show out of the recorded audio. Right up my alley? I think so.

Today was not a good laundry day. I ended up paying for a machine that didn't work, so I brought my laundry to another building and loaded all of my clothes into another machine, but then I realized it was a dryer, and all the other washers were taken so I brought my laundry to another building and I spilled the detergent and I was pretty upset for the rest of the day.

But after dinner with friends and cleaning up our dorm to Glenn Miller and Orchestra, I felt back in the loop. I am really thankful I have such awesome roommates and floormates.

I hope everything on the West Coast is going well. I am thinking about you guys.

I'll keep you posted.

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